Rising Releases Free Firewall 2012 While We Already Got Security Software For 2013


The end of January is almost on head and within 6 months will be bombarded with security software for 2014. This is very common practice which security software vendors have adopted. They want to release their products before others and we get all such securities half a year before the actual year. But with Rising, it seems reverse. When we are getting ready for securities for 2014, Rising is releasing its security software for 2012. They have also released Rising Antivirus 2012 v16 Free which is a beta release. It looks like they will release final version of Antivirus in 2014 because it is already three months passed since they have released beta of their Antivirus.

Well, they can take their time as much as they want. The late they will be, the less market share they will have. Most probably, it will not effect the home users because we already have plenty of free security software like Avast Antivirus Free, AVG Antivirus Free, Avira Antivirus Free, Comodo Antivirus Free, Comodo Free Firewall, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, Agnitum Free Firewall and plenty of other free firewalls. Moreover, we have cleaned our hands on one year free license of Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2013, Norton Antivirus 2013 and Facebook is already offering six months trial of all major shareware security software.

When first time, Rising Co., Ltd., released their all security software (Rising Internet Security 2011 Free, Rising Antivirus 2011 Free, Rising Firewall 2011 Free, Rising Mobile Security Free) as freeware, that was pretty awesome action because most of shareware securities where blaming free security software for grown eThreats.

This new Free Rising Firewall 2012 v24 is bit complicated like Comodo Free Firewall. You have to play with many options to get maximum firewall protection. In short, it protects you against hackers, spoofing, infected webpages containing security breach code, malicious downloads, it checks in-bound and out-bound connections, network intrusion attacks and more. You can set password protected parental control, you can have stealth presence on internet to be saved from hackers, etc. There are more features and tools which you can check by yourself.

Below is feature overview of Rising Free Firewall 2012 v24. This is Google translation from Chinese to English.

Online safety

  • Intelligent blocking phishing sites: rich intelligent judgment rules and methods to more effectively address the dangers of phishing sites users to protect users’ privacy information, account password security;
  • Safe Search: to help users distinguish Internet search, the search results filtering unsafe;
  • The Trojan downloader intercept: virus intercept Trojan virus transmission source, completely intercept the user’s computer to download;
  • The ARP Attack intercept: to solve LAN network anomalies due to ARP attack problem;
  • Anti-the broiler attack: to avoid user computer hacker broiler, the use of computers in the hands of the user;
  • The network intrusion intercept: intercept hacker attacks, virus attacks and other forms of cyber attacks the harm to the user’s computer in real time;

Green Internet

  • Web content filtering: You can set keywords do not want to visit, according to their own needs, in a web page and can be set to allow the web to play video.
  • Parental Control: avoid network bad information on the hazards of young people, suitable for parents to use. Parents can be set to allow Internet time, limit the keywords in the web page, and control the download behavior, control of the use of children to watch videos, online games, chat software.

Intelligent Internet

  • Speed protection: you smooth access to certain network services under network pressure to always be able to obtain a higher performance. For example: optimize network speed of response to ensure the smooth operation of the network game, for example, reducing the value of online games PING; hierarchical control network data, the P2P network environment, the user is still able to quickly access web services or online video service .
  • Speed Test: help you speed real-time understanding of their own network.
  • Network Diagnostics: Help your diagnosis of network anomalies, so as to achieve the purpose of network troubleshooting, network optimization.
  • ADSL bandwidth housekeeper: for unified management of the ADSL network resources through the network negotiation mechanism to ensure optimization of network resource utilization.
  • Shared management: the management system of sharing information.
  • Network stealth: the built-in intelligent detection rules through the firewall, hackers and viruses, scanning probe behavior to intercept computer invisible on the Internet.
  • The IP switching tools: help users to seamlessly move the computer between multiple network automatically for network access, eliminating the need for frequent network configuration.

On the following webpage, click on arrowed button. Your download should start within a few seconds.

When you will start installation, select English on the first installation window. The whole remaining installation process and interface will be in English.

I could not find any sign of Rising Internet Security 2012. But they have new as well as updated products like Corporate Security and Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian security software.


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