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First thing first; let me thank you for taking interest in writing on This is going to be an important decision for you. Soon, you will know it why but let me tell you just one thing: we get at least 3,00,00 unique monthly visitors.

Everybody can be a guest writer. You, too, can be a guest writer if you follow the rules. These rules are simple and are being followed to just to assure that writer and reader should share healthy, interesting and informative knowledge. So, don’t be scared of the length of this article. Read on!

If you are interested in writing guest article, please submit your guest post at the end of this article.

Who Is Guest Writer:

  • Hobbyist
  • Blogger (Part time & Pro)
  • Tech enthusiastic
  • iOS / Android Developers and Vendors
  • Software vendors
  • Software developers
  • Thought sharer
  • Starter
  • You decide

And anything related to social networking, software testing, personal view about technology, gadget words, etc. are welcomed happily.

Rules To Follow:

To get publish your article, you need to follow a few rules like:

  • No immoral, illegal, sexual, racist, gambling and similar type of article
  • No copy cats
  • No duplicate contents, only unique contents
  • No republishing of articles
  • No stolen contents
  • Exclusive to
  • No Copyrights infringement
  • Only posts written in English will be published
  • Software/service vendors should offer giveaway for their non-free tools. Please, contact admin on this matter.

What You Get:

  • Exposure to thousands readers
  • Exposure to tech blogging world
  • Exposure to new ideas
  • Exposure to technology advancement
  • Exposure to better presentation
  • Exposure to career opportunities

Every guest article is subject to be revised by editors at Other than following the rules stated above, we also have the rights to modify or discard the article if:

  • Article is incomplete
  • To many link back to authors website
  • Way to long or to short articles (350 to 700 words are appropriate)
  • Motivating readers to checkout authors website and/or product without proper introduction in the article
  • Marketing irrelevant, to the concept of, knowledge

You should also know that:

  • Posts regarding shareware tools are considered as sponsored. You must contact us to discuss it
  • Posts regarding freeware tools are not considered as sponsored
  • After submitting article, give us at least one week to review it
  • Do not press panic button
  • Most probably, you will be able to see the article before being published if there are any changes and suggestions
  • You can also include your introduction (you and your blog) which should not be longer than 25 words. You can have a link to your personal blog or website. This will go at the end of article
  • All the articles will be published named Guest
  • Any photos should be copyrighted to the writer. Or at least should have link to real owner of the photo
  • Photos should not contain any hidden or visible or both watermarks
  • You need to be registered on
  • Got a question, contact us

How to Upload Post

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  • Login in your account
  • Submit post from this page
  • Wait for the post approval. We may let you know the decision within a couple of days.
Note 1: We have the rights to change Guest Post Policy without prior notification.
Note 2: We have the rights to modify, not to publish, unpublish any post/s.
Note 3: The guest post feature is currently in beta state. If you face any problem, use contact form to contact us.