Free AVG Antivirus Pro For Android [version 3]


Since I have Android Phablet Galaxy Note II, there are many tasks which are now easy to be done like writing reports, web surfing, chating/messaging, studying, emails and many more. I do not have perfect 20/20 eyesight. I found my decision to buy Galaxy Note II was a good decision. Because of most of features which a latest smartphone can have, it also has biggest display among smartphones, easy for me to read and write.

With tons of advanced features, Android also has a few drawbacks like it can be infected by viruses. There are just a few malwares for Android because it is Linux based and Linux is not kids game. Well, but you still need some security software if you use internet on your Android device. You have good choice of having complete free security from Avast Mobile Security, which is my favorite and I am using since day one, but if you prefer you can have AVG Antivirus Pro which costs over $15 in Google Play.

¦ Scan downloaded apps and files and remove malicious content
Anti-theft and Phone Location:
¦ Locate a lost or stolen device and get help finding it via Google Maps™
¦ Lock your device remotely via our Anti-Theft service or by sending it a text message to guard your private data
¦ Set a lock screen message to help whoever finds your device contact you
¦ Make your device ring even if it is on silent mode
Safe Web Surfing:
¦ Search, shop and use social networks with peace of mind knowing your identity and personal data are protected from phishing and malware
¦ Scan website addresses. When a suspicious URL address is detected, you will be redirected to a “Safe Page”
¦ Monitor Battery, Storage and Data Package to optimize your device’s performance.
¦ Get notified when your battery is below the level you indicated and turn-off functions not in use in order to save power
¦ Optimize internal and SD card storage to save storage space
¦ Move apps or games between the SD Card and internal storage
¦ Traffic monitor – keep track of your 3G /4G data plan usage by getting notifications when you are near to reaching your monthly data plan limit
Task killer:
¦ Kill tasks that slow down or freeze up your device
Local wipe:
¦ Ability to completely wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card, or restore mobile device to factory settings
¦ Manually select specific data & information you want deleted from your device such as synced email accounts, browser history & bookmarks using the Local Wipe advanced feature
App Locker:
¦ Lock apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device settings to secure its configuration
App Backup:
¦ Backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can restore them whenever necessary. Read More…

Open the following webpage into your browser and your download should start automatically. If the download does not start within a few seconds, refresh the page. The file is almost 4MB and its name is AVG-Mobilation-PC2013.apk.


This package will give you full one year protection of AVG Antivirus Pro v3 which is latest. You will get 375 days of license from the first install of this package.

Remember, to get updates, you need to use AVG Antivirus Pro‘s own update feature. Because as you are not installing it from Google Play, it will not be shown in your apps list in Google Play and sure, you will not be able to get any updates from Google Play.


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