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You Can Get Free Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows & MAC for 6 Months


Trend Micro Logo
Trend Micro Logo

I just found out that Trend Micro is still using its old brand name PC cillin in its Hong Kong webstore. If I remember correctly Trend Micro was used to be called PC Cillin in early 2000s, but now I do not remember when did they change their name. Well, whatever, you can get free Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows and MAC for 6 months. I shared this promo last year here and it is still valid. Just to let you know that Trend Micro Maximum Security maybe incompatible with any other security software. As it cannot be used with Malwarebytes, it ain’t got any space on my computer at all.

You don’t need any license key for Trend Micro Maximum Security if downloaded from the given link below. The license key is integrated in the installer so no headaches.


  • Protects against ransomware
  • Advanced AI Learning
  • Safeguards against email scams
  • Trend Micro PayGuard
  • Keeps children safe online
  • Secures privacy on social media
  • Fixes and optimizes systems

Open the following link into your browser and just download Trend Micro Maximum Security. Install it and activate it over the internet. You don’t need any license key to activate it but internet connection.

CLICK HERE to Download Trend Micro Maximum Security


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