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We Are Back After One Month’s Unwanted Rest


Because of some problems, I was unable to do anything for almost one month on your favorite blog. During this time, I have received hundreds of emails asking me what happened, why ComputeLogy.com is inaccessible, how long it will take to come back and many other questions showing worries about absence. Well, I assure you that the problem is over and we are back. We will be writing again as usual.

I do not know what was the exact problem and how it was started. I will try to explain what was the outcome of problem and how I managed to solve it.

Almost one month ago, I installed or might be updated some plugins. Meanwhile, there were some changes in DNS servers on GoDaddy. Well, the outcome was I could not be able to update anything neither WordPress nor plugins, there was no way to write any publish any article. If I tried to do, I got 404 error message in my admin panel.

I tried to google the problem but there was no clear solution. The only thing, which I could found was problem with some plugins which were broken and broke my WordPress as result. Well, meanwhile, I contacted GoDaddy support and they were also unable to help me in this matter. I could not have enough time to go through my installation and check out where problem exists.

I also tried to restore database from backups but always got message something like Database restore fail. I was using DB Manager plugin.

I will make it short and now I will tell you how I was able to get your favorite ComputeLogy.com back online. First, you should know that whatever I did, is not which might always be helpful. So, if you do what I did, do it at your own responsibility. If you are novice or do not know much about WordPress, what I did might be helpful for you.

I am lucky that I have two backups, one online and one off-line locally. First of all, create a blog at WordPress.com and export your blog to that newly created blog hosted at WordPress.com. This you can done by exporting XML from your WordPress blog (your main blog) to your computer and then import that XML file to new WordPress blog. This function can be found in Tools menu. I will advise you to do this export-import before you get any problem. Alternatively, you can install BitNami WordPress Stack locally on your computer and do export-import.

Download full WP-Content directory to your local computer and keep it safe. Do it every time, you change the contents on your blog like publishing or updating something.

Well, I uninstalled WordPress fully from my hosting account at GoDaddy. Then I manually deleted everything, yes everything, from my hosting using FTP client FileZilla. You can use any FTP client or can also do from your hosting account.

Then, I uploaded a folder (including all sub-folders and files) uploads, which you can find in WP-Content from my computer to the ftp server using FileZilla. Finally, I reinstalled WordPress. And everything was working again.

I have to delete everything because of one big problem or let say drawback in WordPress import feature. When you import from local or backed up online blog to your main blog, WordPress does not remove anything from your main blog and imports only posts, comments, media files and attached files to your blog. In such case, if your plugins are problem, the problem remains.

Remember to backup locally or on internet whenever you change your blog contents. It will take some time but better than late.

You might be thinking what I did is not a perfect or complete solution. Yes, you are right but it worked for me ;-).


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Hi Perti,
I tried to leave a reply yesterday but
there was a problem.
I went to my country and it was sudden happend that’s why
I couldn’t get contact with you but when I was back every thing
was finished but you got it again.
Thank you very much………………….

Imran K

Hello chachajee,
Well, it’s good you are back. Last month was horrible for us. Everything was gone but not everything is back. I got the maximum I could.
In fact, thank you very much for the support.


Sorry for late reply I was very busy.
I am always here with you.

Imran K

Thanks n Regards,

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