Jet Fighter Combat Simulator Jetz Definitive Edition Free @GooglePlay (in-app-purchase)


JETZ Definitive Edition Game Banner
JETZ Definitive Edition Game Banner

Majority of the people cannot fly any type of aircraft but that doesn’t stop them from flying the aircraft in their smartphone or computers. If you are looking for some basic experience of flying jet fighters and do not care much about the controls and finishing, probably the Jetz Definitive Edition is for you. Remmeber, there are only 3 or 4 free jet fighters and remaining needs some sort of in-game-coins about which I do not know much.

Welcome to the most advanced jet fighter combat simulator! Engage in epic dogfights in the cockpit of legendary jet fighters! Gun down your enemies with an arsenal of incredible weapons such as heat-seeking and radar-guided missiles or rapid-fire high caliber machine guns!

Here are some of the main features of this game :

– Extreme High-Quality Next Generation HD Graphics, with different adjustable levels of detail and quality to ensure smooth gameplay on any device!

– Different game modes, including Quick Matches and Survival modes.

– 30 different jet fighters to choose from, all with different aerodynamics, speed and controls.

– 7 different exotic locations to choose from.

– Two different flight modes, featuring a simple control for beginners and a highly realistic simulator mode for the expert jet-fighter pilots out there!

All the apps mentioned here are free to download and play at the time of writing this article, but may contain in-app-purchases. You are warned.


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