New ZoneAalrm Free Antivirus + Firewall (2013) Released By Check Points


We are already aware of free Firewall from Check Point and most of us are using it named ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. Check Point paced forward and recently released a complete computer security software by offering a free Antivirus with its free Firewall. This new ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall gives you at least the minimum security which you need to secure your computer from Viruses, Spywares, Malwares, Hackers and Intruders, etc.

I have used ZoneAlarm Free Firewall with Avast Free Antivirus, Avira Free Antivirus, AVG Free Antivirus, etc. It is very good combination and gives you complete security what they promise. But now, as ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is also equipped with Antivirus, you will not need to install any third party Antivirus. Integrating own Antivirus with free Firewall will eliminate any compatibility issues which ZoneAlarm Free Firewall could have with other Antiviruses.

Features: As ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall is a free computer security software, it will have some limitations. We will talk about these limitations later but first let’s see what is being offered by Check Point.

  • Antivirus: This is the same Antivirus engine which is being offered in other ZoneAlarm security products. It gives you complete real-time protection against all kinds of Viruses, Spywares, Malwares, Trojans, Scarewares, Worms, Boots, Rootkits, etc. There is Behavioral Scan which eliminates the chances of unknown Malware threats.
  • Two-Way Advanced Firewall: We already knew about this strong firewall (Click Here to read full review of Firewall). But in short, ZoneAalrm Free Firewall keeps you computer hidden on Internet and keeps hackers and intruders away from your computer. Meanwhile, it also monitors program behavior and block any hidden, spy activity which can compromise your computer security.
  • Anti-Phishing/Site Status Toolbar: You are secure again Phishing sites. You will see warning in your browser window if you open any dangerous website.
  • Download Protection: This is the nice feature which I really liked in ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. You download files .exe, .msi, documents, or any know format, ZoneAlarm download manager handles it and warns you if there is any security issue with that download.
  • Identity Protection: Monitors your credit and alerts you of changes in your credit files. Identity Protection is free for one year. You can activate it in Identity and Data module.
  • Wireless Network Protection: Most of soecrity software vendors offer wireless security in their subscription based software but ZoneAlarm is offering in its free security package. This is the plus point for ZoneAlarm Freeware.
  • Online Free Data Backup: You get 5 GB free and secure online data backup.

Limitations: Because of being totally free complete security package, ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall has a few limitations. I think these limitations are OK in freeware.

  • One Update In 24-Hrs: You get Antivirus signature updates only once in every 24-hours. You many know that Avira Free Antivirus also gives you one update in 24 hours. But AVG and Avast gives you frequent Antivirus signature updates.
  • Parental Control: There is no Parental Control feature in free ZoneAlarm.
  • Support: No customer service and technical support is available for free users.
  • Virtual Browsing: There is no virtual browsing but you can use Sandboxie which is available free.
  • No Windows 8 Support: There is not support for Windows 8, so be careful when installing on Windows 8.

Download: You can read more and download it from ZoneAlarm official website:

System Requirements: x86 and x64 of Windows 7, Vista, XP. 2GB RAM, 300MB Disk Space.


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