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Rising Mobile Security 3.1 (2011) Free For Android & Symbian Passed Westcoastlab’s Checkmark Test


Few months back, Beijing Rising International Software Co.,Ltd. (Rising) released its all security software including AntiVirus, Internet Security and Firewall as freeware in English and Chinese languages and promised to keep them freeware in future. I have already written about it. Click on Rising AntiVirus, Rising Internet Security, Rising Firewall. And now recently, Rising released its free mobile security, which has passed westcoastlab’s Checkmark Mobile Security Test for Android and Symbian platforms.

Currently, Android holds more than 40% of smart phone market OS shares. Because of this popularity, hackers and intruders are trying hard to penetrate into Android based smart phones to hack. Report shows that the total number of threats for Android are double than for Symbian. Though there are more threats for Android than any other smart phone platform, the number of Android defenders is also higher than others.

The reason to write about Rising Mobile Security is the personal interaction on Symbian Anna. Few days back, my friend’s subscription for Kaspersky Mobile Security ran-off and she wanted, as usual, a free security software. I have had one Dr.Web’s Mobile Security Suite license and I used it to activate on Nokia N8 running Symbian Anna. Dr.Web MSS was a nightmare for two weeks. N8 was crawling. To do any operation, you needed to wait four to six times more than normal time. She called me again to get change the mobile security. This time I used Rising Mobile Security 2011 (3.1). Since than, her N8 is running fine.

Westcoastlabs put Rising Mobile Security AntiVirus into test and Rising MSA was able to detect all mobile phone Malwares and did not miss any of them and also block them successfully. Westcoastlabs also tested other security features of Rising Mobile Security and they were fully satisfied with its functions. Rising Mobile Security has real-time AntiVirus protection, on demand Scanning option for quick and full scan, Spam blocking, Call blocking, Data protection and Process Manager which allows the user to know what is happening and running on the mobile in real-time.

These tests examined Mobile Security‘s ability to correctly identify a number of samples, taken from West Coast Labs’ mobile malware collection, as malicious. Results showed that Rising was able to detect all of the selected samples and was therefore awarded the Mobile Security: Anti-Malware certification. Following the completion of the Anti-Malware certification, the solution has also successfully passed the testing for Mobile Security: Communication Control. These tests examined Mobile Security‘s ability to block incoming calls and messages from blacklisted telephone numbers as specified by the user.The running of threat/malicious app scans within Mobile Security is simple and can be launched from the initial interface of the solution, with options to either target specific directories or to scan the entire handset, including any attached SD media cards. The user is subsequently alerted to any threats that are found and is given various remediation options including deletion or quarantine of the infected file.The call-blocking functionality, listed on the Mobile Security interface as “Spam”, allows the user to enter specific numbers into either a black or white list. These numbers can either be based off existing phone numbers contained in the user’s contacts list or entered manually. The call-blocking function may then be configured to reject all calls, reject blacklisted numbers, or reject unknown numbers. From the same interface, the user may also enable the SMS spam functionality. Aside from these two technologies, there is one other feature that should be highlighted – the Process Manager. Activating this feature displays a list of all running apps and also provides their respective UIDs and paths, thus allowing the user to immediately see what is happening on their handset.

You can download Rising Mobile Security 3.10 for Android and Symbian from here:

Westcoastlab’s test report can be accessed here:


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