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Adblock Plus Will Not Block Acceptable Ads – A Bit Headache For You To Manage Such Ads


There is no doubt that Mozilla Firefox is the most popular web browser leading Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Last week, I read that Google Chrome had become the most popular web browser passing Firefox in fractions. I am doubted about this claim but we will talk about it some other time. Well, the matter is Firefox and Chrome are the two most famous web browsers which are highly configurable and most secure depending on features and rapid development. For any vulnerability in Firefox and Chrome, there is quick healing comparing other browser makers. One great feature is the addition of Plubins or Extensions to get more from these two browsers. And the most famous plugin is Adblock Plus.

There are many websites which rely on advertising having no other means of expenses compensation of hosting and time consuming. Look at ComputeLogy. I have placed few ads so that to have some extra cash to pay web hosting. Think, if you all use Adblock Plus, by default no ad will be displayed on ComputeLogy. If no ad, no money and I have to pay the hosting from my own pocket. Well, you can manually put ComputeLogy.com in whitelist but most Adblock’s users do not change default settings “simply because they never change any settings unless absolutely necessary“. [If you are using Adblock Plus on ComputeLogy.com and you turn it off here, it will be great help to meet the hosting expenses].

To address this issue of blocking ads on reliable websites, Adblock Plus team has come up with a new and important feature that non-annoying ads will not be blocked. Non-Annoying ads are something like static ads with no tracking function, test ads, ads which produce only single DNS request. This means, flash ads will not be shown at all and Flash ads are the most used ads. This also means that AdSense will not escape from Adblock’s tight grip. As they are unable to test all ads, they are simply diving in agreements with some websites and advertisers of not stopping their ads, ” – it isn’t technically possible to recognize “acceptable” ads automatically. We have agreements with some websites and advertisers that only advertising matching our criteria will be used, their ads will be unblocked then“.

They decided to show ads based on a survey where only 25% participants wanted to stop all ads no matter what “The results of our user survey say something different. Only 25% of the Adblock Plus users seem to be strictly against any advertising. They will disable this feature and that’s fine. The other users replied that they would accept some kinds of advertising to help websites. Some users are even asking for a way to enable Adblock Plus on some websites only“.

Of course, Adblock Plus is a great plugin which stops annoying ads (bandwidth too). But this new decision of showing ads from particular websites and advertisers is telling me that team needs funds. Because it is obvious that they will get some fortune from these advertisers to meet their expenses. Tell me, for how long someone can be labor in love. It is almost 5 years since they are serving millions of Adblock Plus users without forcing them to pay a single dime for such great service. Whatever their decision will be, I hope, they will not kill the basic feature of Adblock Plus.

You can read more about it here:


You can download AdBlock Plus for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome here:



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