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How to Upload Torrents Safely


This is a very hard time for torrent lovers. They are being attacked from all sides. RIAA, MPAA, Rapidshare, Megashare, etc. are attacking by different means and ways to kill this community but at the same time, there are few people who are giving helping hand to torrent community. One among such helping hands is VIPeers who helps torrent makers and uploaders.

VIPeers is basically an online storage place where you save your data to be distributed through torrent. The best advantage is no body knows who you are and where you are. ;-). There are two plans available: Free and Paid. As paid is out of scope, I will talk a bit about free plan and a bit about how it works.

In free plan, you get 5 GB free space and maximum file size is 1 GB which is better than many paid services like RS and MS. Your file remain on server for 1 month. If you use this plan for torrent purpose, 1 month time along with 5 GB space is enough. There is one drawback that you can not upload a folder in free plan. So, if you want to upload many files of same group, make zip or rar and upload. Other than torrent sharing, you can give direct download link address of file to your family, friends or can publish.

You can also use a specially designed software called PUMP for this purpose. What PUMP can do:

Multi search: type what you want to watch and see results flowing in from YouTube, Dailymotion, Google, Mininova, LegalTorrents or add custom search engines.
Download videos from streaming sites: PUMP detects content in the pages you browse so you can download it for offline viewing. Super easy download from video streaming sites!
Subscribe to feeds: enter any RSS or atom feed to automatically download new content from blogs, podcasts and torrentcasts. Set-up smart filters to get exactly what you want.
Manage your video library: sort all your personal stuff, music videos, series, movies, web clips…Play videos directly in PUMP with WMP, VLC or QuickTime, or in your favorite media player.
Convert videos to DivX (.avi), Windows Media (.wmv), Mobile (.3gp), iPod/iPhone/AppleTV (.m4v). Copy to mobile phone, iPod or Portable Media Player over USB by simple drag-n-drop.
Upload & Share your personal videos: send videos to friends easily, even in Full HD. Post links & torrents on your blog, Facebook, twitter, Mininova or wherever you like with VIPeers.

VIPeers is totally safe service. They never ask your identification in free plan. There are no restrictions what you upload and what you download from VIPeers. If you want to distribute torrent, VIPeers helps you to upload your torrent at Mininova without disclosing your identity. If you are new to torrent and want to be part of this community, just upload your file to VIPeers. VIPeers will help you in distributing your torrent. You do not have to worry even not about your bandwidth. VIPeers has very fast data transfer. I have examined about 1.6Mbps. Test it once. You will find it more useful than any other online storage service.

Update: An updated article on is here “How to Download and Upload Torrents Safely“.


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