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Winners of Giveaway: BitDefender Internet Security 2009


OK! guys, now the time has come to announce the four winners of BitDefender Internet Security 2009 giveaway. Before announcing, I want to say few words.

You know, I did not publicize my blog at big level. I have few regular loyal visitors. I am really thankful to them because their visit always encourage me to write more and I tried. Sometime, I succeeded in writing good contents and sometime just bla bla bla. In fact, during this time, at some occasions, I did not want to write anymore. But, I wrote again. It is my nature to write. If I will not write blog, I will write it on paper. Written blog has some advantages and the biggest advantage is what I write, will never die. It will remain but written on paper will not last long.

I received these four licenses from one of my friends. Before, she stopped me to write about her. Still she is not allowing me to write about her but I must say thanx to her for her kindness.

Now here we go:

The four winners of BitDefender Internet Security GiveAway are

1: Wadatod

2: Droy

3: Michaelball

4: Cik265

I congratulate you on winning licenses of my favorite Internet Security “BitDefender Internet Security 2009”. I hope you will enjoy your computing with a strong security. All others who could not win license, I assure you that soon, I will do one more GiveAway. I have not decided yet which software should be but will be a nice present. So, stay tuned.

I did not write full email here for security reason. The names written here are first part of the emails. You will receive your licenses in 2 days. Thank You all.


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Not for this time…Maybe next time! Anyway keep up the good work mate we all appreciate what you do.Cheers


@Marshall – R U Marshall.lefe… (not writing full)?Do not worry, I hope you will win soon. 😉


I have Bitdefender internet security and I can say that it is the best security suite I ever had installed on my PC.


@ Francisk – I am agree and BD 2010 is coming soon.

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