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You Can Know If Your Facebook Data is Stolen or Not


Facebook published a blog post a few hours ago with the update of how many accounts were affected with the security breach happened in September 2018. No, it was not 50 million accounts, it was only 30 million accounts breached. See, they are so caring. Only 30 million. At least quarter of the world population uses Facebook and only 30 million is nothing compared to that number. Our data is safe with them. LoL. Google+ is shutting down for 500,000 breached accounts and they are under hot water because congress is questioning them. Facebook will go clean like hair in the butter or say hot knife through butter.

Facebook always say our privacy is very important for them and every now and then there is data theft on Facebook. I do not understand if our data is not our privacy then what do they call the Privacy. They must explain it clearly the real meanings of privacy they have the idea of. 

You might be thinking I do not like Facebook. No, it is not the case. I am just talking about the power Facebook has and they are the true picture of what Deadpool Said: With great power, comes great irresponsibility. Facebook’s attitude is exactly the same what Deadpool said. I am just annoyed of the breaches and their behavior like nothing happened. A couple of years ago, I checked how much my info values in dollars. It was over US$15, means companies will pay that money to get my info. Now multiply that with 30 million. The hackers are drowning in dollars.

Fortunately, my data at Facebook was not compromised, but do not forget 30 millions. Click here to know if your privacy is compromised on Facebook or not. You must be logged into your account. If you are not, you will be asked to login. Following is my account info.



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