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BeAware of iPone 5 Scam Message On Facebook


People were anxious when Apple was going to announce about new iPhone. It came out as 4S instead of 5. Before iPhone 4S announcement, different bloggers were guessing what will be announced in conference: iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. Well, it came out 4S and those bloggers started shouting, though they wrote about both iPhones, like I told you it will be 4s and no 5. Of course, there will be one, either 4S or 5. Their guess was 50% correct 😉 .

Though iPhone 5 is not released and hopefully  😛 will not be released before August 2012, people has started scamming taking iPhone 5 as themed item. I received a message on Facebook about iPhone 5 giveaway for who uses Facebook. There was a Facebook link in the message. I clicked on it and Facebook page New iPhone 5 Marketresearch opens.When you open this page, it will try to connect to IP hosted in Georgia. Further research showed that there are total 238 domains are hosted on this IP and IP host is host-92-241-66-18-customer.wanex.net. Among all these 238 domains, there is only one domain which has iPhone word in its name. The website address is allfreeiphonedotcom.

The message was sent by Dorena Alworth. The message is hi, because u are also a friend of Giovani I will tell you what I found out: that web site http://www.facebook.com/pages/1164683487/275470192476506 is giving away right now and giving away an i Phone 5 to folks which usually are at face book for nothing…almost all these people ask is your own thoughts and opinions about it and you can keep it forever. although you have to hurry up before they close it.

The Facebook scam page never fully loads and and shows message of Loading…..

I searched the name Dorena Alworth on Facebook and there were 9 people have same name. Six of them have same picture and three have no picture. One among six, who have picture, is friend of my friend, in other words, mutual friend.

Google has no record of this Facebook Scam page.


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