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Here is Why Google Plus Shut Down in 10 Months



Google Plus Shut Down in 10 Months or so and this is not a good news for those who preferred Google+ over Facebook. I am also one of them. But there is always an end to a start, sooner or later. I wish Google+ could have some different fate from many other Google projects which were just killed for one reason or the other reason or for no reason.

People has spent so much time and efforts on creating their profile on Google+, they have created communities of like minded, they have built a certain type of relation there which cannot be done on any other social platform. I just do not understand why do Google always have to close doors of such services.

Google said that there was some bug in Google+ and they patched it within a few days. The other reason to shut down Google+ is people were less interactive on it and spend an average of less than 5 secs per second. The patched bug should not be a problem but the data leaked was big problem like email, name, occupation, birthday, age, and gender, etc. can produce a big phishing scam. Luckily, the number of affected people is not near to the data Facebook leaks every now and then. It was only around 500,000 people data leak. Mark should have happy sleeps from now on for a longtime because now he can say he is not alone.

People spending less time on Google+ is really a problem, only 5 secs or less than that. There is a reason for that. Google+ was not designed to discuss stupid things. It was more a tool for sharing of knowledge than BS. Designers at Google thought to create a public social tool to share every stupid bit of life like Facebook but accidentally they created a tool for knowledge sharing. Most people even do not carry common sense and such a high standard tool definitely not working for those who gonna drink six-pack every evening before sleep.

Google has decided to keep Google+ for corporate sector. I think, well, it is a good idea to keep it working. I know it by fact. I have used Google+ for some of my projects working with other people. The collaboration was great and using with Google Docs and G Drive made those projects easy to work on.

Reading Google blog, there was something I do not want to believe. They said they do not know who are effected with this data leak because the log was kept only for two weeks. I am not believing this. They keep every bit of info about us and they do not kept that effected bits, impossible. It is a straight corporate lie.

Google will let you know it coming weeks how to retrieve your data from Google+.


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