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3 Free WordPress Themes for April 2020


WordPress is the most used CMS. My first interaction with it was in 2009, if I remember. It was a difficult decision to choose between WordPress and Joomla. I had my interaction with Joomla in 2005 or 2006. It was not easy to manage. So, this led me to select WordPress over Joomla in 2009. WordPress is ain’t easy either but for many reasons it is better. Well, let’s leave this talk for some other occasion and get these 3 free WordPress themes from ThemeForest.

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The 3 free WordPress themes are Revity – OnePage Parallax, Hala – Creative Mutlti Purpose WordPress Theme, and Photography Photty. The themes are free to download till April 30, 11:59 AEDT but the support and updates are not free. To download all the 3 theses for free, a free account is what you need.

You can see 3 free WordPress themes Revity – OnePage Parallax, Hala – Creative Mutlti Purpose WordPress Theme, and Photography Photty on the following webpage. You will see a price tag on each theme, do not worry about the price.


You cannot download all three in one bundle. You will need to go to related webpage of the theme to download it. Just click on the theme name and open its webpage.

When you go to the related webpage of the theme, do not add the theme to cart. If you add the theme to cart, you may need to pay. Just click on the button texted Download it for free, and your download of that theme will start.

[Timeline: First Published: October 23, 2019 || Updated: December 04, 2019 || Re-upadted: January 15, 2020, Re-re-updated: April 02, 2020]

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