Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Instead Samsung Note 3, If You Have Note 2


I am not a master of smartphones but I know some math. I can easily do 2+2=4. When you are gong to spend over US$800 for a smartphone, you should do math too. You do not need math if you are fanboy, fandroid or fandows. If you are already using Samsung Note 2, I will say, “Don’t go to Samsung Note 3, wait for Note 4 or buy Note 2 if you do not have Samsung Note”.

I am using Samsung Note 2 [a.k.a Phablet 2]. I am very much satisfied with it. In fact, it is so complete smart device (I am not calling it smartphone, tablet or even phablet here because it is something different) that I do not think we can find some other device near to it (need to remove some Samsung scrap for perfection). Recently, I have installed CyanogenMod on it and enjoying it. I was planning to upgrade to Samsung Note 3 but when I read the specs, I just stopped and now waiting for Samsung Note 4.

I wanted to buy Samsung Note 3 and I was pretty excited before its announcement but it is not what I was expecting. In fact, it is OLD SWEET WITH NEW WRAPPER. I see the upgrades offered in Note 3 are not enough to rush for and ridiculously the price is not less than US$800. You tell me what you cannot do with Samsung Note 2 which can be done by Note 3. You want to use some office app every good office app works flawlessly, you want racing games, all the games which I have tested like Asphalt series and Need for Speed series work perfectly. First person shooting games, browser based games, girlish games and all other apps (so far I have used not less than one thousand apps) worked perfectly.

My reasoning is simple and understandable just like 2+2=4. I am not going to buy Samsung Note 3 because it has 3GB RAM (Samsung Note 2 has 2GB RAM). You tell me how much difference you can feel between 720 x 1280 and 1080 x 1920 pixels? How much extra use of battery can be achieved with 3100mAH to 32oomAH when many unneeded software will be running on backend. 4G available on Samsung Note 2 then why should I pay around uS$200 extra for Samsung Note 3. There are many other features and specs which cannot help you at all if you buy this new Note 3. I will say it again, “Don’t go to Samsung Note 3, wait for Note 4 or buy Note 2 if you do not have Samsung Note”.

I am waiting for Samsung Note 4 for a number of reasons. The major reason is it will have really good specs with better improvements. The first improvement will be 64-bit processor because the RAM will be 4GB. With 4GB RAM, Note 4 can use 64-bit’s processing speed perfectly or at least much better than current Samsung Note devices. I am also sure they will introduce 8-core processor which is double of current 4-core processors.

The next Samsung Note 4 screen size will be between 5.8-inch to 6-inch, most probably 6-inch. With such big screen, the resolution will be near to 2560 x 1600 which is too much but they can do it. It looks like Note 4 will be water resistant and the battery will be somewhere 3500mAH. With big screen, they should support gloves use. I know, Samsung Note series are not made for music for sure they will change this habit and will support good sound quality.

Did I ask too much to be in Samsung Note 4? I do not think so. What I have asked to be included in Note 4, soon you are going to hear as rumors. Are you ready for rumors?


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