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Last year, the Android security apps were analyzed, compared and rated based upon the results by me. Since then, there are some functioning improvement in the compared apps but the results are almost same as was last year. But it was important to update Android security apps ratings to reflect the current status, so if you wanna know the improved results or simply looking for a security solution for your Android devices, here is a list of best Android security apps for 2022.

In the worldwide smartphone market, Android has provided the option for people with low income to use latest technology gadgets are very cheap price. Because of Android’s adaptability, flexibility and openness, more than 70% smartphones sold today has Android soul. Because of its popularity, it is also at the hit list of malware, hackers, spammers and all sort of threats.

The first step to keep your Android smartphone safe is to download apps from Google Play. The 2nd step you can take is to check the permissions the app, which you wanna install, is asking for. The 3rd step is to check the user rating for the app. Skipping a few other steps, which I will write in another article, let’s jump to the final step which is use a security solution for your Android smartphone.

You must know that neither Android, nor iOS is 100% safe from security threats. You may have heard about Pegasus spyware which was specially used to hack iPhone, though it can also hack other smartphones running Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. Pegasus spyware was not distributed through Google Play or Apple App Store but via message. Sometime, malicious apps can also be found in Google Play Store, so can the malicious apps be found on Apple App Store.

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The thing is no matter how much securely you use internet on your Android device, you will need a security app. Google scan all apps on Google Play for malicious behavior but there can be a few working covertly to damage you or your device or both. For this you need an additional security app for your Android device. Fortunately, there are many security apps available in Google Play. Unfortunately, most of the security apps are crap.

Avast and AVG are, probably, the most famous security apps among Android users but, in fact, both are same by all means. Last year, NortonLifeLock bought and merged with Avast and you may know Avast is the owner of AVG since over two years. Now 3 eggs in one basket will create almost similar types of problems in all the three security apps. The other problem with most of these Android security apps is ad insertion. These apps using ads so heavily feels like the only purpose of these apps is to serve ads. Only two apps Comodo and Sophos did not have any ads. Also these two apps provide more features as free than any other Android security app.

I have been using Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (ex Sophos Mobile Security) since longtime on all of my Android devices. It is the lightest and most trustable security solution I have so far. The plus is it neither runs ads nor depletes my smartphone batteries. Being ads free, it is in fact very lite. It has all the features a security solution for smart device should have.

The Android security apps 2022 comparison analysis is based upon 6 categories of which each category has a weight of 5 and total weight is 30. The weight of an Android security app tells how much useful it is. All the apps listed below provides basic antivirus feature as free and you can buy more features if you want. The security apps priced as Free are free of any charges.

I have tried my best to provide you all the important information regarding Android security app 2022 in the following table. If you think something is missing or incorrect, you let me know in comments so that I can update the table if necessary.

AppsAntivirus (5)Live Protection (5)Firewall (5)Optimizer (5)App Audit (5)Usability (5)Free / FreemiumRating (30)Comment / Info
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (ex Sophos Mobile Security)555555Free 30Free +
No ads
Zemana Antivirus & Security4.44.60005Freemium14Not all features free + ads
Quick Heal Total Security4.84.90555Freemium24.7Not all features free + ads
Quick Heal Antivirus and Mobile Security4.84.90555Freemium24.7
Bullguard Mobile Security and Antivirus4.84.80055Freemium19.6Not all features free + ads
AVG AntiVirus and Security4.64.54.8552Freemium25.9Lots of ads
Avast Mobile Security4.64.54.8552Freemium25.9Lots of ads
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus554.74.954Freemium28.6Not all features free + ads
Avira Antivirus Security4.84.7 054Freemium18.5Not all features free + ads
Comodo Mobile Security
Bitdefender Mobile Security4.954.7054Freemium23.6Not all features free + ads
Panda Mobile Security4.84.80055Freemium19.6Not all features free + ads
Malwarebytes Security550554.6Freemium24.6Not all features free + ads
Trend Micro Security4. all features free + ads
Zoner Antivirus4.950055Free19.9Trimmed version
Zoner Mobile Security4.950055Paid19.9Not all features free
Dr. Web4.64.84.4002Paid15.8Not free + no ads
Eset Mobile Security4.74.74.304.44.6Freemium22.7Partial Free
Android Security Apps 2022 Comparison Table


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[…] [Read also: Best Android Security Apps 2022 Comparison] […]

[…] [Read Also: Best Android Security Apps 2022 Comparison] […]

[…] [Read also: Best Android Security Apps 2022 Comparison] […]

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