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Keep Your Finger Safe – You Need It to Unlock iPhone 5S


During the last few months, the iPhone rumor mill was working at full capacity producing lots of rumors everyday. Reading those rumors made me believe that iPhone will not be an iPhone anymore. It will be something else. But it is still iPhone with some internal changes and one big external change. The major change which will get your attention is ring encircling the Home button. This is not a normal ring.

Apple introduced finger scanner in its new mega product: iPhone. The scanner is encircled by the ring. In fact, the home button is scanner now. The ring is a sensor which activates the finger scanner when you touch it. It will be touched whenever you put your finger on the scanner because scanner is not big enough for the finger tip. Before writing this, I have read lots of articles and comments praising the scanner in new iPhone 5S.

Finger print scanner in iPhone 5S is good for security. Only registered finger holder (of course person having that finger) can be allowed to open iPhone 5S. But it is not without limitations. In fact, there are very natural conditions which will effect to limit the use of this finger print scanner. This is what I was talking with my friends, today, sitting in a library and we concluded a number of reasons when you may not be able to us this scanner.

Very first natural condition which limits your use of iPhone 5S finger scanner is the weather. Just tell me who would like to remove gloves in really low temperature like -20C or even below this when outside. I am talking about the city where I live: Oulu. It is not ending here. In many parts of the world, temperature falls below -20C. At least, I will not. 😉

What about getting wound on the tip of the same scanned finger used for iPhone 5S? This is the situation which is quite possible everywhere in the world. Now we know, iPhone is not just in elite class. Everybody wants it. So, if you are working in labor, you have more chanced to get hurt compared to others. I think, such person should contact to some cosmetics specialist to get a dummy finger with exactly same prints engraved on it. You can use it in case of accident which makes you unable to use your scanned finger to open your iPhone 5S. 😉

There are also many other conditions when you will not be able to use iPhone 5S finger scanner. Name to a few are severe burning, ridges, severe scarring and any other way like medicines which can alter your finger prints.

BTW, Motorola ATRIX 4G was the first smartphone to use finger prints scanner.


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