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Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk [Pictorial]


In this internet life, we may have to remember a lot of passwords to use different online services. For example, Google services, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Business accounts, School accounts, different email services and many other services which relies on interaction with computer demands password to use them. Study shows that majority of people use only one password for all but this is not good. If you lost your password, take in account that you may wash your hands from all such services. Just like this to login to your OS, you also need password which you have set earlier. Windows also demands password to login.

Almost three years ago, I wrote two articles about creating password reset disks for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Later on I planned to write article on creating password reset disk for Windows 7 but could not remember. Few days back, I could not remember password for Windows 7. Well, after a few tries, I got it and logged into my computer. Then I remembered that I had created password reset disks for Windows XP and Windows Vista, why should not I create such disk for Windows 7. Creating such disk will save me from headache in such lost and found case. I have created password reset disk for Windows 7 and made a complete pictorial which will also help you. Below is complete step by step pictorial.

1: Go to User Accounts through Control Panel. If you are using Classic view, you can straight go to User Account by clicking on its icon. But if you are using Category view, click on User Account and Family Safety and then click on User Accounts. In the left pane, the second item is Create a password reset disk. Click on it.


2: A new wizard window will open: Welcome to the Forgotten Password. Now password reset disk creation wizard is started. Press button Next.


3: Next window will ask you where you want to save your Password Reset File. Select the location from drop down menu. You can not save password reset file on local hard disk. You will find all external storage locations in drop down menu like if you have USB attached. Well, select the location where you will save your password reset file and press button Next.

4: You will be asked to enter your current password on next window. Enter your current password and press button Next.

5: On next window, you will see progress of password reset file creation. It will take only one or two seconds and when progress will show 100% complete, press button Next.

6: Password creation wizard has done its work. You password reset file has been created. Its name is userkey.psw. On this last window press button Finish.

Now in any case, if you forget your password for Windows 7, use this Password Reset Disk to reset your password. No matter how many times you forget your password, you can always reset your forgotten password. Keep in mind that any person, who has access this Password Reset Disk and your computer, may have access to your all data in that particular computer. So, keep this disk safe from others. If you have happened to re-install Windows 7, the Password Reset Disk created with old Windows is of no use. You should create new Password Reset Disk.


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