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Zoom.it, a Brand New Way of Sharing Hi-Resolution Images!


I am not available for writing for most of these days, but here’s something i definitely want to share with all of you. Microsoft have released an online service known as Zoom.it. Zoom.it is powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight application and developed by Microsoft Live Labs, a sub-division of Microsoft Live specializing in web applications. It uses the Seadragon technology, a zooming technology acquired by Microsoft back in 2006. If you happen to own a blog or run a personal website, then this service might actually come in handy.

This service allows us to share image files in a way we never did before. To be more precise, it allows easier and better sharing of images with particularly high resolution details. Since we want as much viewers visiting our websites and blogs as possible, it is only natural that we don’t want viewers complaining about viewing large-size images that takes forever to load completely, nor did we want these large images going to waste by scaling it down to fit our webpage space. So long as Silverlight is available on one’s PC, then using Zoom.it can solve these two problems for both you and your viewers!

Zoom.it is very easy to use right out of the box: to use it, we visit the service website and insert the URL of the images we want, wait for Zoom.it to process the image and voila, a Silverlight-powered image is ready for use!

Here’s what it produced when i insert an extremely high resolution image into its address box:

Click to see image

With a little script-editing, you can embed these images on your website proper, which looks cool and certainly help save lots of bandwidth and reduce page loading time. Since we already have users sharing a tonne loads of hi-res images on websites nowdays, this service could well hit mainstream use in the near future!


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