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Get FREE IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro v3.6.1 License Key – Promotion Valid till 1st September!


I’m not really that proficient at finding free promotional software, or rather, Perti has always done a better job than me on that one. Never mind about my poor track records: i am lucky to be presenting to you, a way of getting a license key for IObit Advanced System Care Pro v3.6.1! This promotion coincides with IObit celebrating 5 years of Advanced SystemCare and thus offered this promotion to all readers of PC Authority.

You all know very well about IObit’s flagship product, so there’s little need for further introduction, really. But in case you are new to IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro, you can visit their official site here to learn more.

Now, to get this license, you must be a registered member of PC Authority. It’s pretty easy, in other words: smply go to the PC Authority Official Site, register yourself and activate your PC Authority account via your email. Go back to the homepage of PC Authority where you will see an IObit Advanced SystemCare Promotion banner at the right side, where you can click to access the promotional site. Now, to save your effort, here’s the promotion website.

Enter your PC Authority username & password and you will be given a unique username and the license key required to activate IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro. If you happen to forgot your username and password, you can always go back to the promotion page and login using your username and password, or you can open your email and locate the mail that IObit sent to you; there’s your username and password attached with the mail (remember to check your junk mailbox for that).

I think you’ll know what to do next: open your IObit Advanced SystemCare, key in your username and license key and voila! You are now registered!!

*Special Thanks to a friend of mine who is a registered reader of PC Authority, for his tip-off regarding the promotion.

Update: Sorry James, I am adding something to your article. Just a new promo from PC Advisor UK:



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Thanks!Very usefull software.I just recieve my free licence!Great job!!



I got mine!!!

If u can find offer for some AV product , it will be very generous 🙂


Advance System care is the BEST.

I have had it for about 4 months now(with a promotion off another tech-blog site).

It is an EXCELLENT program.



Do not forget to unplug your internet befor installing the lic # and you will have it for life. drtank I am not shure what kind of AV software you are looking for but there is a lot of free stuff here. Perti: Sorry, I removed your link. ComputeLogy.com is trying to stand on its… Read more »

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