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[We have moved back to We were on for a while but that’s an old story. But GoDaddy is gone for good.]

I did not want to do it but I have to. I have to move away from my current hosting provider to a new one. Currently, I am using Godaddy but I will move to Moving away from Godaddy has many reasons. Why GoDaddy hosting is bad for me? I will tell you in the following paragraphs. But before talking about reasons, let me tell you that our new domain is All the data has already been migrated to the new domain. This is the last post here. All new posts will be on our new site

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Now I am looking for a good 301 redirect solution. I want auto 301 redirect. I do not want to edit .htaccess file for each link, I am looking for automatic solution. Do you know any free plugin? will be ready in one week. This post is the last on After this, all posts will be on

So, why GoDaddy hosting is bad? Why I am moving away from GoDaddy is based on a few reasons. The most important reason is the SSL, and then hosting packages, security, server hacks, slow site load, and some other reasons.

Now, let’s see in a little more detail why GoDaddy hosting is bad for me. I have used GoDaddy for almost seven years. It is a long long time.

The first major reason to move away from GoDaddy is SSL security availability and price. In starter package, there is no SSL available on GoDaddy. Many hosting providers are offering free SSL but GoDaddy. For example, and provides SSL for all packages. GoDaddy charges 60+ Euros for SSL for one year while it is free on many others. I cannot spend that amount yearly if I can get it free.

Right now, I am using basic package on GoDaddy. During last couple of years, GoDaddy updated their hosting structure and all basic package users were asked to upgrade the hosting manually. That’s what I was told by one helper. It should be GoDaddy’s job to upgrade to new structure because they are the one changing, not me. The process should be automated but, NO, I have to download the whole data and then upload again. I was also told this. If I have to spend hours for this job, I must do it for better outcome. So, moving away from GoDaddy is better.

There are more reasons behind why GoDaddy hosting is bad. One is hacks. During my stay at GoDaddy, I have faced hacks at least 3 times. One of them was server hack. Two other times was some code injection. I check my log and I do not find anyone logging in or breaching So, the hack is done on the server and not just my site. Just recently, I wrote a piece of article about why search engines stopped indexing That was not possible without taking control of server.

The site load time is the most annoying in all GoDaddy services. This is one of the major reason why GoDaddy hosting is bad. is super fast. period. data will be processed on SSD. Why should I keep using GoDaddy’s snail drives? Comparatively, is cheaper when it comes to data process and usage.

If you are using GoDaddy and you want better for you at same price, move away from GoDaddy. There are thousands hosting providers, you can find better one. I should have stopped using GoDaddy when it was supporting SOPA and before that the animal rights issue.

You can find hundreds of posts on Google telling you why GoDaddy is bad. The above reasons is my experience with GoDaddy. You might have yours.


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