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No doubt that CDs/DVDs are still the most famous and usefull data backup media as well as the media to use to distribute data but it has some draw-backs like wear and tear, you hve to carrey it with you if taking data to other place, you need physical CDRom, etc. To solve these problems and many others, we use some software to create virtual enviornment for CDs/DVDs. After creating virtual image, we do not need physical CDs/DVDs any more. So, we can keep these physical media safe for longer time. Vritual CD 9.x is a solution for these problems and many others.

Well, Vritual CD 9.x is not a latest but not very old, too. It may not work on Windows 7 but works well on Vista (x86, x64) and XP (x86, x64). They say:

Virtual CD makes your CD/DVD applications faster, more efficient, and easier to use by storing them in the form of images (“virtual CDs”) on your hard drive using highly effective data compression techniques. Once you’ve made a virtual CD from a physical CD or DVD, simply ‘insert’ it in a virtual drive to run it. Virtual drives behave just like physical drives, and are displayed in the same manner in your Windows Explorer.

With Virtual CD v9:

You have support for Windows 2000, XP and XP x64, as well as all versions of Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64.
Your CD/DVD-based applications are much faster, because the CDs run from your hard drive rather than from the CD-ROM drive.
You don’t have to bother with inserting and removing physical CDs—let alone having to look for them in the first place!
You can run your CDs on computers that don’t even have physical CD drives.
You can use multiple CDs simultaneously. There is no need for an expensive CD changer.
You can designate one of your physical drives for added virtual CD capability.
You can keep your valuable original CDs/DVDs from getting lost or damaged.
You have a virtual CD/DVD burner that can be addressed by any program that can record CDs.
You can automate the process of creating multiple virtual CDs – for example, to have it run overnight.
Your notebook conserves precious battery power, because you don’t have to run an energy-hogging CD/DVD drive—and you no longer need the physical CD/DVD recorder.
Your workplace is quieter, because CD/DVD drive noise is eliminated.
A denoiser function is included that makes your physical CD drives quieter.
You can make physical back-ups of your virtual CDs using Smart Virtual CD technology.
You can choose whether to permit – or prevent – the use of physical CDs on a given computer.
You have intuitive, centralized control of all Virtual CD features using the CD Management program, with a window layout that you can customize.
You can use encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data on virtual CDs.

Open the following web address into your browser and fill a short form. Just fill your Last Name and e-Mail address and click on button Weiter.

You will be directed to next page. On the next page, click on Absenden and that’s it.

Check your e-Mail. You will have an e-Mail from eSales@virtualcd.de. You can find your licnese and download link in that e-mail as sown below.

You can also download from the following link. Install it. During installation, you will be asked to enter your licnese. Use your license to register your copy of Virtual CD Enjoy it.



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HI, Thanks hope I will get faster mode than the cd player itself.


Hello Perti,

How are you?

Here is every thing fine.



Imran K

chachajee, I was waiting for your message. Where you been?


I would like to exchange links with your site computelogy.com
Is this possible?

Perti: But you have nothing to exchange.


Hi Perti The best freeware alternative is magicdisc. you can get it here: http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-overview.htm Create up to 15 virtual drives. It works with win98 up to win 7. 32+64bit. I think it is the best virtual cdrom/DVD emulator. Perti: Thank you Peter. I like MagicISO and I have used it, too. It is really a… Read more »

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