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Block Malicious Web Pages with Sunbelt’s ClearCloud DNS Service


You never know when you are visiting a malicious web page, mark my words.

We heard alot about users nowadays getting infected not through the usual porn or torrent sites, but rather through reputable sites such as Facebook and Yahoo, where they are social-engineered into clicking a link or download something they thought was legitimate just because they are on a reputable site (which are often associated to the term ‘safe and secure’). Antivirus and Antispyware helps detect and remove some pesky malwares that made their way into your PC, but NOT all of them. So what’s the best way in protecting ourselves?

Sunbelt has released a beta ClearCloud DNS Service. It aims at filtering out malicious websites via DNS before the end user actually gets to them. If the user happens to stumble across a website that is infected they get a warning screen from Sunbelt.


I must stress, however, that ClearCloud is not a software-based protection, but a service-based one: Sunbelt ClearCloud had a DNS server in the States where they check upon every web address a user’s PC visits. You can think of it as a server that offers protection as efficient as WebOfTrust, a firefox security addon. So if you are expecting a software for you to download and install, you’re disappointed.

Follow this link to learn how you can set up ClearCloud DNS Service on your Operating System

After setting up your DNS server address, don’t forget to check whether it is working by visiting these test sites below:



For more information on how it works, click here

For my part, i tested it and found it working rather well. In fact, it works alongside WebOfTrust on Firefox and it actually blocks more malicious websites than WebOfTrust did!


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Using this now and it seems really effective..:)




this one is not allowed by clearclouddns

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