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How to: Translate Website into 23 Languages – Tiny Flags Gadget


It is estimated that there are around 78% websites are in English and remaining 22% are in other languages. Not every body can read and write English, so, they also need to get translate the website into their language. Translating into all languages is impossible but it is possible to translate website into major languages like French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Google has a great translation widget as a drop down menu which you may have seen on many sites. Some other companies/people have also created translation widgets but not good like Google Translate Widget. What I do not like in Google Translate Widget is its drop down menu. In fact, it does not follow Accessibility rules. First of all, if one, who wanna read the website, can not read English, how the one will know that the widget is to translate the website into other languages. The other thing is drop down menu creates Accessibility problem in sense that you have to move scrollbar if your language is at the end of the menu. There are some others issues, too, but one thing I do not like personally is the written statement “Powered by Bla Bal” with every such widget, either from Google or other provider.

So, here is a code for widget which can translate your site into 23 languages. It is also powered by Google but there is no drop down menu. You will see 23 flags presenting different languages, e.g. Spanish flag for Spanish language translation, French flag for French language translation, etc. There is mine flag, too, but just indication if you wanna visit the provider. Click on the flag will translate the web page into particular language, the flag is used for.

You can see this widget in the most right panel of my blog. OK! here is the code.

Translate English to ArabicGoogle-Translate-Chinese (Simplified) BETATranslate English to ArabicTranslate English to ArabicTranslate English to CroatianTranslate English to CzechTranslate English to danishTranslate English to DutchTranslate English to FinnishTranslate English to GermanTranslate English to Hindi Translate English to ItalianGoogle-Translate-English to JapaneseTranslate English to Korean BETATranslate English to NorwegianTranslate English to PolishTranslate English to RomanianTranslate English to RussianTranslate English to SpanishTranslate English to Swedishby COMPUTELOGY

If you are a blogger, before implementing this code, take backup of your template. After backup, go to Layout->Page Elements and click on Add a Gadget. Now select HTML/JavaScript and paste this code in the HTML/JavaScript gadget window. Save it. Yes! you did it. Now you can move that Translation gadget where you want on your blog within the limitations provided by your template.


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@ Rajesh – First tell me that "logged in" user gets the page translated or not after clicking on any translation icon. User should get translated page. BTW, the Google translation engine is used for this widget. So, it is the problem on google's side.Sorry, if such happened, I do not know the solution.IF SOMEONE… Read more »


thanks, had a question though.i added the above scriptlet as a block on my drupal site, and it works fine for guest pages.however, if a user is logged in and then clicks on the "translate" icon (of whichever language), the new page that coems up shows the user as logged out.any ideas why that could… Read more »


A nice solution, but it doesn’t allow for translating to one language followed by another or easily returning to the native language of the site. XXXXXX

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