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How to: Add 16 Social Bookmark Buttons to Blog Article


Social bookmarking gives a lots of benefits to the blogger. It helps in increasing the readers as well as revenue (if you run ads on your blog). You simply add some buttons linked to social bookmarking sites in your blog. When a reader likes the article, he/she will also like to add the article to his/her social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Technorati, etc. Normally, their bookmarks are shared with other users of the site and any body can access and see such bookmarks. The more people bookmark the article, more traffic is recieved.You can see that I have added some social bookmark buttons in my blog template. So, whenever, someone read the article, it helps the reader in bookmarking the site at social bookmark network. In fact, after adding these social bookmarking buttons, number of visitors is increased. If you have not added these buttons to your blog, you should do it. You will see the difference, in the number of visitors before and after adding these social bookmarking buttons, within days.
You can add these all buttons by embedding the code for each button or your can use some free services which provide you a simple code to embed in your theme. I do not like third party services in this matter. So, I will write about what I did with my blog. Here, I will give the code for 16 social bookmarking buttons. The code behind these buttons will automatically add your post’s permalink and title and it will encourage your readers to bookmark your articles without spending much time. These social bookmark buttons are for Multiply, Twitter, Magnilia, Digg, Delicious, Blinklist, Yahoo, Furl, Technorati, Simpy, Spurl, Reddit, Google, StumpleUpon, Factbook and Mixx.
Follow a simple step and I hope, you will do it successfully.
First of all take a backup of your template before doing any changes. Now check the box before the text “Expand Widget Templates” at the right top corner of the your template code in your blogger window.
Find <div class=’post-footer’> (or similar code)and paste the code, given below, right under this. OR find <p><data:post.body /></p> (or similar code) and paste the code, given below, right under this. Save your template. Now you can see the changes at the bottom of your published articles.

I want to made it as simple as possible. You may find some codes which needs to be embedded at two or more places in your template. I know one thing, do simple but perfect.
You can see that these social bookmark buttons are shown right under the article heading in my blog. I will describe it some other day. Now, it is not important because not many people are using it.
When you will click on Multiply pic, it will take you to may page on Multiply. Simply, remove word computelogy from and write your account name which you have on Multiply.
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Thks TECHGEEKSounds like this will be a pretty simple task to preform.Sure will make life simpler, hope works OK.All The Best, duzer


Hi,I was looking for some info on social bookmarking, though I did not get what I wanted, thanks anyway.


@ Anonymous – If you have some question, you can ask. I will try to answer.

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