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How to: Organize Desktop Shortcuts


My laptop desktop is always full of different shortcuts like applications, documents, tools, Utilities, folders, etc. Sometime, it becomes difficult to find the required shortcut that I have to take one extra step to go the real location of the thing, I needed. I feel headache in locating such things because I have a lots of things in my laptop.

One easy way not to have to much stuff in computer to avoid headache. The other way is to leave very important shortcuts and delete all others which are not so important but this way does not work every time. I was used to divide my desktop in different sections, virtually, like application shortcuts on one side of the desktop, docs shortcut in one corner, etc. It was few days ago, I was thinking what should I do? I Googled the problem and got a very nice free tool to organize desktop shortcuts in really meaningful way.

I found Stardock Fences. Fences is really a nice too which helps me to organize my shortcuts in meaningful ways. With the help of Fences, I created shaded areas which has labels e.g. I made one group of my security software labeled Security. Fences, also, let me create shade for that area which I have created. These shaded areas are resizable and movable.I can place these areas at any place on my desktop.

After installation when you open Fences, you will see different tabs on left side.

  • Fences: Stardock Fences has some predefined layouts under this tab. If you do not want to create fence by yourself, you can take advantage of these predefined layouts. It can create 6 fences at your one click at the predefined part of the desktop.
  • Customize: Under this tab, you can play with the visibility of the fence which you have created or want to create. So, you can give the color of your choice to your fence.
  • Tools: It gives you option to hide your fences at double click on left button of your mouse. You can enable or disable this option under Tools tab.
  • Help: This program is so simple that it does not needs a big help file. Just in few words, everything is explained to you in small Fences’s own layout window.
  • About: You will find about creator and version, here.
The easiest way to create fence is press right button on desktop (do not release it after pressing right mouse button) and move the mouse a bit to any direction. Now release the mouse and you will see a single link menu asking you to create a Fence. Left click on this menu will open a new small window asking you to name your fence which you are going to create. Name the fence and press OK. You have created a fence by yourself. You can drag n drop the shortcuts in this fence, resize it as you want, move it where you want.

You can edit fence by right click on it. If it is empty, your mouse right click on any part of it will open a menu. If the fence is not empty, just do mouse right click on the name of the fence and a menu will open giving you the options of Lock Fences, Edit Fences, Rename Fences and Delete Fences. You play with it as you want.

I have tested it on Windows XP Pro, Vista Ultimate and 7 Ultimate (RC). To grab this tool, CLICK HERE to go to Stardock Fences page to read more about it and to download it. Remeber! This is a free tool.


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