Time to Remove Galaxy Branding from Samsung Note


Almost 9 years ago in 2011, when Samsung released first Galaxy Note, no body ever thought that Note will become a huge success. All the media-lets were calling it useless and trying to hit it hard from all sides. According to those so-called-tech-gurus, the Galaxy Note was useless because of its screen size. Time has told again and again that Samsung’s decision to put Note in the light was the right move. Later now we see that every phone manufacturer follows that lead.

I first bought Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in 2012. At that time, I was using Nokia N8. I was in a mobilephone shop looking for a new smartphone to replace Nokia N8, btw, I still have that Nokia N8 in working condition but have not used it for many years. I was saying that I was in the shop looking for a new phone. I saw Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on the display. I took the phone off the display, did not have a 2nd thought, called my wife to come to the shop, when she arrived, we both decided instantly that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to to be our next phone. We asked the vendor to give use 2 sets of Note 2.

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I have used that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for many years, at least 4 years, without any problems. Normally, using that long will have effects on the battery but I never replaced the battery not even once, because I never got any problem. I had Note 4 and now Note 8, but my Note 2 is still working fine. It was Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which changed my mind and I am a proud Note user.

Not just me but my younger brother is also using Galaxy Note 2 till today. If ever asked why not changing the phone, the reply is like Note 2 is not letting me do it. Well, my other younger brother is using Note 8 and they both are happy.

Samsung has sold way more than 200 million Galaxy Notes so far and this is a big amount. Selling that huge numbers is not a joke. It is only possible if Note has created its own world. What would you say if a new one comes and create its own fan-base? It is not like Apple which already had a fan-club which made selling iPhone easy for them. Fact to be told, it was Samsung Galaxy Note which forced Apple to release bigger screen phones, and denying it will not change the facts.

Over the span of 9 years, Galaxy Note has evolved a lot. It has became mightier and stronger. It has always puts bars higher for competitors. It has forced others phones to follow its lead. Now, you see big screen phones in everybody’s hands, it was not possible without the success of Note. It has forced them to think S Pen (stylus) is better than finger. It has forced them to release phone with minimum bezel.

Since the day one, Samsung Galaxy Note series has proved its importance. It has given Samsung a new domain to rule. Now it is the time for Samsung to give something back. There cannot be anything better than giving its own identification to Note. Hey Samsung! remove Galaxy branding from Note and release Galaxy Note X (10) without Galaxy in it. Now is the time to do it. Let Note shine openly and freely.


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