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How to Roll Back WordPress Themes and Plugins to Old Versions with WP Rollback


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WordPress is the most famous free content management system today. It is being used for almost all purposes a website can be used. People and companies are using WordPress for blogging, portfolio, e-commerce, online presence, personal / brand identity and recognition, mass communication, propaganda, and anything you think can be done on internet.

Plugins and themes are very important in WordPress. Theme gives the visual and plugins enhance WordPress features and capabilities. They give it a new shape. But, sometime plugins and themes can be problematic. So problematic that your website can be broken. Or the feature for which the plugin or theme is being used becomes disabled for as long as there is any problem.

Fortunately, now WordPress can disable malfunctioning plugins and themes by itself. A few releases back, WordPress could simply give some error and both admin and front panel became inaccessible.

A while ago, I updated one of the installed plugins. After update, I got Syntax Error and a long line of error code telling me where the error is. I logged in my hosting provider and disabled the plugin. Tried to find the previous perfectly working release of the plugin but could not. So, why should do everything manually when we got plugins to work for us.

I downloaded, installed and activated WP Rollback plugin. WP Rollback is a great piece of work. I recommend every WordPress admin should have it.

wordpress plugin Rollback computelogy-com

After activation a text Rollback will appear just right under every plugin name. Click on it will take you to new webpage where you can see all the previous releases of that plugin with radio button on left side. Just select the last perfectly working version of that particular plugin and press button Rollback.

wordpress plugin Rollback version selection

Your plugin will be rolled back to that previous version of that plugin. Now activate the rolled back plugin if you want.

wordpress plugin Rollback activation

What WP Rollback did here with plugin, it can do the same with theme too. If you have old version and new version of some plugin is released, you can use WP Rollback to update your plugin.

Download WP Rollback here:


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