First Leak Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photo Looks Gorgeous


A few days ago, Samsung unwrapped its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Both phones are the most beautiful phones any mobile phone vendor has ever released. Those phones are even more beautiful than fruit company phones.  In fact, Galaxy S8 and S8+ are setting bars way too high for fruit phones that that gonna take them at least 3 years to reach today’s level. In this time, Galaxy will be more magnificent. No, there is no hate speech. I say what I see. No filter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is yet to be released in August or September but guestimation (guess + estimation) and leaks are already circulating. We have to see what comes in Note 8 but I hope nothing will be bad like ill-fated Note 7.

leak samsung galaxy note 8 front panel photo

If we look at first leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photo (above), it looks the shape will just follow latest Galaxy S8 trendy beautiful form. Of course, screen size will be bigger. If we look at the sPen, it looks like the screen in Note 8 will be around 167-170mm (6.6-inches). Hopefully, the screen resolution will be at least 2960 x 1440 (QHD + Super AMOLED). The screen will be curved from both sides.

And of course, the famous S Pen will be there with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Just have to see how many thousands types of pressure sensitivity is packed in S Pen now.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have fingerprint reader. It will contain iris scanner. And most probably, it will also have on screen fingerprint reader which no smartphone has implemented yet. If Galaxy Note 8 does, it will be the first phone to do so. I think, if they have planned for it, they just should do it.

It does not have any physical buttons. The button are on screen just like Galaxy S8 and S8+. Of course, other button like power button and volume button will be on the sides like a tradition Samsung does with every phone.


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