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iPhone 6 Plus Doesn’t Need Lame Excuses – Mind It ZDNet


When you go to a technology website, you always have in mind to get some knowledge. Something amazing with reason. Let’s suppose you have a Volvo S80. If someone asks you why did you buy it? Will the answer be like this: it has 4 wheals or it is white or it has seats to sit inside or it has trunk? Will you? There should be some sound reason for the action or no reason and just action.

No! I cannot keep myself silent when I really see or read something stupid about technology on internet. When you talk about technology, your personal liking and disliking does not matter. You should be ready to get something new and advanced than prior. Here the case is totally different.

By now, I have read countless articles about iPhone 6 Plus and other smartphones running Android and Windows Mobile, even on that website which always put heading of article like “This could be the best…”, “This is your last chance…”, “Exclusive: bla bla bla…”, or “The best features…”, “You never know…”. And I read those articles though I know these are clickbait articles and are only to spread some garbage in the name of technology. But, a while ago,  what I read on ZDNet was something much more than those bla bla articles.

On ZDNet, one writer tried to compare two smartphones running Android and Windows with iPhone 6 Plus. His article is just like what Android Authority did with iPhone Drop Test Video. I know as much of you know, all three platforms has their best features, exclusive features and then something they are lacking of. He is comparing small screen Android smartphones like Moto X and big screen Windows smartphones like Nokia Lumia 1520 with iPhone 6 plus which has 5.5″ screen. And finally choose iPhone 6 Plus for some lame reasons but one. We need to know, “have you used any big screen over or equal 5-inches Android phones from Samsung, Lg, HTC, Sony, Lenovo or any other Android Phone Manufacturer”? Did you try to use small screen Windows phones?


It looks like ZDNet writer has no experience of having Android or Windows phone and using them for even a few hours. Most probably, he goes to some phone shop, picks the phone, play a few minutes, create his ideas about the article and start writing. He may also asks someone to know their views to put in his articles. Great! the article is ready to be published.

In his article on ZDNet, he did not tell which apps he misses on Android and Windows Phone. It may there could be some but better name at least one to make your article worth spending a few minutes. Have he used other smartphones which has fingerprint scanners to unlock phones? What about the multitasking on Android and Windows phones? Did he try? How iOS multitasking is best than Android and Windows phones? Give at least one reason for the sake of technology. How the display on iPhone 6 Plus is best comparing top Android and Windows phones? Just saying best does not make it. You should support your argument with facts, at least say like: it is sharp, it is bright, it is saturated, it shows real picture.

Well! I am not saying any word about number 2 reason. It is inappropriate and unethical for me to say even a word about it.

I am a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user. I am not a guru of technology or Genius. I am a simple minded person who can only do 2 + 2 = 4. But I do want to know what I will get spending hundreds of Euros on a smartphone. For example, the best use I ever have of Galaxy Note 2 is I take notes when in meetings. I can play Electronic Arts FIFA and Asphalt racing. I can do many other things on Note 2. I will only think to change Galaxy Note 2 if I can get the value of what I will spend.

There is much more to write but I will stop it here. I just know you have the rights to know what you want to know. I just know that iPhone 6 Plus is great phone ever built by Apple. If you want to buy any smartphones, check the specifications, your needs and specially your pocket.

Most of the time, you find good, readable and informative articles on ZDNet but this times it is not what should be expected. If you want to read that article, CLICK HERE.


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