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6 Free Kindle Books on SQL, Office 365, CSS, JavaScript & Programming Concepts


Every now and then, Amazon offers free books. Sometime the books are of high value and latest editions and sometime just spreading the garbage. But this time they are offering some good six books which you can read on SQL, Office 365, CSS, JavaScript and Programming Concepts. You can read these books on Kindle app running on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. For Linux you can use Kindle Cloud Reader. Because, Kindle Cloud Reader is browser based reader, it can be accessed on any operating system. So, if you do not want to install Kindle app on your device, you can use that cloud reader. [Update] I have not published the article yet but there is already one update. You can use Kindle Cloud Reader on Chrome OS too.[/Update]

Mac and iOS users can get Kindle from iTunes, Android users can get it from Google Play, Windows users can get it from Windows App Store and Linux users can use browser based Kindle Cloud Reader to purchase and read these books. You need to have Kindle account. If you do not have, create one which is free.


Once you login in Kindle app, find the book in the store and click on purchase. Before clicking on purchase, do not forget to check the price. If it says $0, buy it or leave it. Once bought will always show the book in your kindle account. Here are the books:

Beginner Database Design & SQL Programming Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Save $24.95)

This is the previous edition of the book. I am sure there is not much changed between two editions. Check it out in Kindle app or Kindle Cloud Reader. Here is the weblink:


Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud (Save $39.99)

Functional CSS: Dynamic HTML without JavaScript (volume 1) (Save $4.99)


Thinking in CSS (Price $0.00)


Thinking in JavaScript (Price $0.00 )


Principles of Programming: Basic Concepts (Save $29.95)



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