[Video] Android Authority Faking iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test Results


Today, I was looking for some ancient history videos on YouTube. In technology tag, I saw iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus drop test heading. Normally, I ignore these types of videos because such videos prove nothing but waste of money and click bait. These tests should be done what warranty covers. The tests beyond the warranty limits did not tell you anything like in one video they hammer Samsung Galaxy S 5 screen and, of course, that broke. But here I am talking about iPhone 6 Plus drop test done by Android Authority.

I don’t know why Android Authority has faked the test. Why did they manipulate the results of iPhone 6 Plus drop test? What was behind the scene, I do not know. I also do not know what are their interests in faking and manipulating the drop test results. But I do know that if we see the video clearly, we can see that iPhone 6 Plus front panel was separated from one side and then they show it fine but a few scratches. OK, let’s see the pics first and then the video. There is one more video from … tells totally different results.

iPhone is a beauty with simplicity. It is fragile and needs caring. But if you want to show something, do not fake it. Show it real or leave it.

When iPhone 6 Plus was dropped on its back, there was no front and back panels separation. Here you can see it clearly.


Now when iPhone 6 Plus dropped on face, it suffered front and back panel separation on lower side. See it here.


Let’s see the above picture clearly. The video quality is quite bad. Samsung Galaxy s5 makes astonishing videos and they know it.

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Watch is from another angle.

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The language of video is really childish. Here you can see the whole video:


Now here we have another iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus drop test done by phonebuff. The drop test results are totally different. Don’t be surprised ;).


What do you say?


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Joshua Bradberry

I was one of the first people to watch the video and knew something was up since all the other drop test videos had totally different results than AndriodAuthority. I think this is bad enough that a statement from them must be made to the public apologizing for their dishonesty. Until that statement comes out… Read more »

Imran K

I agree. They should come up with some explanation because everybody is pointing it. This last June and July, I was in Sweden with my friends. One of my friends dropped iPhone 4s accidently when he was sitting on the chair. Front and back, both were shattered just from the drop of 2 feet. Here… Read more »

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