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Install Amazon AppStore App on Other Android Device


There is at least one free app for Android users on Amazon AppStore every day. There is also running discounts on Apps in Amazon AppStore. Mostly, those apps are quite famous. These apps can be installed on any Android device. The only limitation is the support for Android release by that particular app. Here I will write a few sentences about how you can install Amazon AppStore app on other Android devices like smartphone and tablets from other vendors like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, Htc, Huawei, Lenovo and others.

Unfortunately, you cannot directly download and install Android Apps from Amazon AppSotre like you do from Google Play if you are not using Amazon Fire Tablets or smartphone. You need to do some changes in settings as well as need to download Amazon AppStore app and install it. I will tell you how you can do it.

Get Amazon Appstore from the link given below, downlaod and install it. Because it is not downloaded from Google Play, you need to enable Unknown Sources option. Go to Settings, then Security and there you can see uncheked Unknow Sources. Check the box in front of Unknown Sources. It will show you warning, just press OK and ignore what is being warned. Now you can installAmazon Appstore.

To enable Unknown Sources in Android, you follow the steps Settings->Security->Unknown Sources. Now check the box in front of Unknown Sources.

Now I suppose you have already installed Amazon Appstore. After installation, sign in Amazon Appstore, search for the app you are looking for, select the app from the list if any, click on purchase button, download it and install it.

If you do not want to install app from Amazon AppStore right now, you can only do purchase and download it later.

Now you need to uncheck the Unknow Sources option for your security so that no other unknown app can be downloaded and install. I am sure this tutorial will help you.


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