Get POLARIS Office For $0.99 Instead of $12 for Android


Recently, you were able to get OfficeSuite Professional 7 for only $0.99 instead of $14. But if you have missed that opportunity, no worries. You have chance to get one other same level office suite for your Android devices. You can get POLARIS Office only for $0.99 instead of $12. Remember, this is time limited offer and, though available only on Amazon AppStore, you can install it on all android devices. BTW, this is free available on Apple iTunes Appstore as well as on Google Play but there might be in-app purchases. Let’s do not wait for complete Microsoft Office Suite and move forward.

If you are looking for best free alternative, you can have get WPS Office free from Google Play, Amazon AppStore and Apple App Store.

POLARIS Office is world best mobile office app that allows users to view/edit Microsoft Office documents on Kindle. Users can view, edit, create, share text files and view .pdf and .hwp files. POLARIS Office supports convenient features for mobile users, such as direct opening of email attachments, cloud service, file manager, and more.


  • View & Edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents
  • View .pdf and .hwp files
  • Direct opening of .zip files
  • User-friendly, convenient interface and designs
  • Fast loading speed
  • Stable rendering & View multiple types of documents
  • Diverse File Management Functions
  • Convenient File Management
  • Supported formats – View, Create & Edit : doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, txt / View: .pdf, .hwp
  • 15 useful templates for text documents, spreadheets, and slides for the 5 types included
  • 80 types of shapes, including 3D shapes
  • 18 types of charts including 2D/3D charts and effects
  • Over 300 functions (spreadsheet)
  • Camera mode, which allows photos to be directly applied to documents
  • Slide-show mode & page transition support all 58 types (2007) of animation
  • Pointer & Free form line drawing during slide show
  • Use online storage: Dropbox, Box

Unfortunately, you cannot directly download and install Android Apps from Amazon AppSotre like you do from Google Play if you are not using Amazon Fire Tablets or smartphone. You need to do some changes in settings as well as need to download Amazon AppStore app and install it. I will tell you how you can do it.

Get Amazon Appstore from the link given below, downlaod and install it. Because it is not downloaded from Google Play, you need to enable Unknown Sources option. Go to Settings, then Security and there you can see uncheked Unknow Sources. Check the box in front of Unknown Sources. It will show you warning, just press OK and ignore what is being warned. Now you can install Amazon Appstore.

To enable Unknown Sources in Android, you follow the steps Settings->Security->Unknown Sources. Now check the box in front of Unknown Sources.

Now I suppose you have already installed Amazon Appstore. After installation, sign in Amazon Appstore, search for POLARIS Office, download it and install it. As you have already check the box of Unknown Sources in Security in Settings, you may not have to worry about changing the settings again. After installation, don’t forget to unchek the box in front of Unknown Sources to prevent unauthorized installation of any app.

With this little tweak, you can run any android app from any source.

You can also see POLARIS Office on the following link in Amazon Appstore:


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