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Now it is four and half months gone since I am using Samsung Galaxy Note II which is so far the best Android Phablet of its time. Though Dell Streak is considered as first Phablet but the real boom is seen by Samsung Note. There is no doubt they have forced Apple to ditch 3.5-inch screen in favor of larger display.

In four months with my Samsung Note II Phablet, I have learnt a number of things to keep my phablet secure from malwares, hackers, lost prevention, encryption of data, application lock, application permission control. data backup, etc. To do all of this, I have used Android’s own built in functions as well as third parties software.

Now, I am planning to write about those software as well as those functions. Well, it is not possible to write everything here. But I will try to give you a glimpse so that you can have some idea what is coming. And yes, all these third parties apps are free means Android security at no cost.

To protect your Android device against malware as well as hackers, you can use Avast Mobile Security (Freeware), Avira Free Android Security, Sophos Mobile Security (Freeware), etc. For sdcard encryption, you can use built-in function in settings. There are may different app-lock and app-permission-control apps available on Google Play. To do data bakup, Orange Backup is best freeware on Google Play. There are many other apps which you can use for security.

This was just a little talk but I am going to write more about Android security, not only security but other useful apps as well. Before this, we were giving more importance to Windows but now on, Android will also be getting proper importance.


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I recently switched from Avast to TrustGo. 2013 test results are posted on AV Antivirus website.

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