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PDFescape: Create New PDF Docs From Scratches And Edit Existing PDF


One week ago, we shared a promo about Nitro PDF Professional 6 which is still valid. Thousands of people received their free license and still getting it. But due to some restrictions, a few friends could not get their free license of Nitro. Peter is one among them. He is looking for a PDF creator. There are many free PDF printers which can print any printable file to PDF format. But Peter is not looking for PDF printer, he is looking for PDF creator which can create PDF files from scratches. Finally, when he explained what he is questing for, it became a bit hard to find PDF Creator. Then, I also realized that free PDF printer and reader like PrimoPDF, Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader and many others can not create a PDF file from scratches. You can only create a PDF from an existing printable file.

I searched online for solution. Well, I found an easy and free solution which works online only and there is no downloadable software available. PDFescape is providing the facility to create PDF from scratches as well as you can edit already existing PDF by uploading. It is not very advanced PDF tool. It has a few but important basic features. After creating new PDF, you can add and edit text, input images, highlighter, different graphical tools, sticky notes and some other. It works with all famous browsers like Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Chrome and Opera 9.5+. Let’s see what we get on PDFescape.

First of all, when you will start PDFescape, you will be asked to login or start your work without login. After proceeding, you will be given four options: Create new PDF file, Upload PDF, Load PDF from Internet and Load previously opened (history). The choice is yours. You create new PDF file or work on existing one, you will get same set of tools to work on.

PDFescape has very simple layout. The window can be divided into three parts: Left Column, Top Bar, Center Pane. Center pan will show your PDF files with all the formatting which you will be doing. Top bar has functions like opening PDF from local computer, from internet, checking your history and sharing your document with others. Left column carries all the functions needed to work on PDF files. Further Left pane can be divided into two parts: Action Menu and Preview. Top part of left pane where you will see tabs Insert, Annotate and Page is Action Menu. Lower than this tabbed menu, you will see Preview section where you can preview all the pages of PDF.

Top bar in PDFescape carries a few other important functions other than loading PDF files from different locations. You can decrease or increase the view size of middle pan. Most importantly, you can add Document Info like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. Adding this info is like stamping the PDF with your signatures. You can create your password protected document. The PDF file will be encrypted with your password and can not alter without providing password.

In Action Menu or Tabbed Menu all the functions are available which we can use on a PDF. This tabbed menu has three tabs: Insert, Annotate and Page. Insert tab has the functions like Insert Text, Upload Image to PDF, Insert Form Field (radio button, checkbox, drop down menu, listbox, text), White cover, different Graphical objects (arrow, rectangle, circle, line, checkmark, etc) and you can also put hyper links in the PDF file as well as links to the inner pages of that PDF file. You can move image to back or front of other objects in that PDF file. Annotate tab (annotation) has highlighter to highlight text and sticky notes features. You can move page to other place in the queue, delete it, rotate it under Page tab.

In Preview section, you will also notice a few small buttons like printer, floppy disk, download button, etc. These buttons will help you to print, download and save your PDF file. Print button will show you all the available printers including PDF printer so that you can create soft-copy as well as hard-copy of PDF doc. You can also save the file online and then download as PDF into your computer. One thing I could not find that how much space we can have from PDFescape if logged in.

 PDFescape has a few limitations which I think is important to share. If you create a new PDF file, the maximum number of pages are 25. There are only two paper size available: Letter size and A4 size. If you upload or open PDF file from internet, the maximum number of pages can be 100 and with maximum size of 10MB. You have only four fonts to choose. The maximum size of font can be 100. These are limits in free account. There is pro account available for one time payment of $10.

Conclusion: The best online PDF editor which we have ever seen to create PDF files from scratches.

You better use it by yourself to have more idea. You can access PDFescape here:

[Original: Jan 26, 2012. Revision: Aug 23, 2013]


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For creating PDF documents, you can use Smart PDF Creator. It creates professional PDFs in a couple of clicks. You can try it for free here: XxXxXxX

Imran K

There are many free PDF printers available even better than SmartPDF Creator. I was talking about new PDF file creation from scratch and this is not being done by many PDF creators like the one you are suggesting. You may need to read the article again.


Thank you. This just might be what I am looking for.

PDF Document


I saw your post, It’s an amazing post by you. Thank you for give me this information.


awesome article.thanx bro

Bruce Fraser

Where is the “still valid” Nitro PDF Pro article? Maybe one year ago, but I don’t recall anything one week ago.

Imran K

It is revised article. I did mention it at the end of article.
I crossed the first line which was misguiding. Thanks for pointing the mistake.

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