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Mozilla Firefox 11 Final Download For Linux, Mac OS X & Windows [8, 7, Vista, XP]


Since how long you are using Mozilla Firefox 10? Not so long! OK, forget it. Now you have Mozilla Firefox 11, the latest, smart, secure and modest web browser on earth. It is probably the most used browser. I have read on some blogs when they claim that much percentage of people has migrated from Firefox to Chrome. Personally, I have seen many migrating to Firefox and not a single one turning away from Firefox. People use Chrome parallel to Firefox are considered as just Chrome users.

It is not even six weeks passed since Firefox 10 release and new Mozilla Firefox is available to download. Officially, it is not announced but it is available on Mozilla’s servers and you can download it. I just have downloaded it and installed it. At the moment, there is not much experience of using Firefox 11. But I am expecting there will be more support for 2D and 3D graphics, imporved performance of Java APIs, better support for HTML 5 Videos, increased performance of browser based games.

During installation, if you are already using Firefox, it will simply upgrade you previous Firefox version. After installation, as usual, Mozilla Firefox will check all the installed addons. The addons installed by like Adblock Plus, Movie DownloadHelper, etc will remain enable but all third parties addons like DivX, etc, will be disabled. During addons compatibility check, it will ask you which addons should be enabled. Just check the checkbox of addons which you want enabled.

Mozilla Firefox 11 Final is released for Linux, Mac OS X & Windows [8, 7, Vista, XP]. Below are direct download links. Download Firefox according to your needs.


Mac OS X

Windows [8, 7, Vista, XP]


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