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Get Free Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 11 Essentials [English] [Updated]


Avanquest Software does not needs any introductory words. They are famous for their software profile. Third parties are also using their software providing services to sell software. One famous PC utility from Avanquest is Fix-It Utilities. Previously, we have shared Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials. Now we are going to share its second latest release Fix-It Utilities 11 which is not latest but just previous than latest.


1: Whenever using Fix-It to clean Windows Registry, use it with caution. Being a registry cleaner it is found aggressive and you may have some problem running other software like MS Office Suite.
2: The installation is in German language. But after installation, the interface is in English. In fact, it is German and English mix interface. Tools are named and described in English but their application windows are in German. Total Convert to English can be found at the end of article.

What’s New: Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 11 (v11.2.24.1) has lots of necessary tools to maintain and speedup Windows PCs. Below are some new and improved features in it.

• System Snapshot: Click the Reports tab to see a graphical representation of your computer. For more information, see System Snapshot Tab.
• Improved communication: Use the Fix-It Utilities icon in the Windows notification area to see status messages and start and stop Fix-It Utilities processes. For more information, see Controlling and Monitoring Fix-It Utilities.
• PC Startup Analyser: Monitor and manage processes that run during startup and shut down. For more information, see Analysing Startup and Shut Down Processes.
• Activity monitoring: To help conserve resources, Fix-It Utilities monitors computer resources and runs tools while the computer is idle, as opposed to while the computer is busy. For more information, see Editing Fix-It Utilities Global Settings.
• Program improvements: We have improved the Fix-It Utilities user interface and tools to provide you with a better experience.

Registration & Download: For German speaker, registration and download of Fix-It should not be a problem. But if you do not know German and still want to try, you may need to follow the pictorial. Open the following webpage and fill the form as guided in the photo.

Check your email and click on the arrowed link.

A new webpage will open showing you license. The same license you will also get into your email. Use that license to register Avanquest Fix-It Utilities.

Download Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 11 Essentials from the following link:

Installation: This is the most lengthy part. I have placed arrows and text where user interaction is needed. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Convert To English: It took me many hours to figure it out the method to convert Fix-It Utilities 11 Essentials from German to English. And I expect that you will honor my efforts crediting my work with the link to this article from your website. (If you do not want to link me back, no problem. Just enjoy it.)

There are two methods to change the interface in English. At least, one should work. I have tested both and worked fine.

Method I: a: Download Fix-It 11 Essentials (English) from HERE  and install. Copy the whole installation folder to some other place. Uninstall it.
b: Now download and install Fix-It 11 Essentials (German). Register with license as guided above in Installation section.
c: Now copy Fix-It.exe from copied folder to installation folder of Fix-It 11 Essetials (German). Run it and you will see everything in English. Check the About and it will show registered.

Method II: Follow a and b from Method I.
c: Download and Install Fix-It 11 (German). Register it with the license which you have recieved (see section Registration).
d: Replace all files in the installation folder with previously copied files from English installation of Fix-It 11. Run it and it will be shown in English with authenticated registration. Better to login as Admin when copying files. Do not worry if some files refused to copy.


If you see window like below, it is asking you to register your copy of Fix-It 11 with Avanquest. Click OK and a form will open. It will be in German but you can change its language from the Language menu at the right top part of opened window. There you can register your software.

The window like below is asking you to check updates. Ja means Yes and Nein means No.

[UPDATE] If you see any window opened like the image below, simply check the checkbox on the lower left corner and press the arrowed button on the lower right corner. This window will never be shown again. [/UPDATE]


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