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iPads Vs Textbooks – Which One Is Cost Effective [Info-graphics]


You may have already knew that Apple also has stepped into virtual book industry with the thoughts of reinventing textbooks. They are on campaign to replace school computers and text books with iPad and virtual books. Well, I will not say this is a bad idea but it is also not without drawbacks. One iPad with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage space, hundreds of cheap books, no bag to carry, light weight, easy to carry, portability, notes on touch scree, drawings, cheap books, costly wear n tear, no eInk, etc. This was if virtual books are being used with iPad. What if physical books and no iPad?

No iPad. Paper books, bulky, heavy, bit hard to carry compared to iPad, wear n tear but cheap, read in full day sunlight, economically cheap and much more. I own Amazon Kindle and I have many books on it. But I still prefer to read physical book because it is natural satisfaction. I have used iPad2 and GalaxyTab on number of times specially for reading purposes but Kindle is better for colorless books. And physical book is better than reading on Kindle.

This time again, Peter has send me an infographics comparing iPads and Textbooks cost effectiveness in high schools. It is an interesting comparison. This comparison is based on student population in USA. All figures, numbers are showing USA data.

Image Credits: Online Teaching Degree

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