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Free Windows 8 Consumer Preview Guide From Microsoft


Over 1 million copies of Windows 8 have been downloaded since its release and many of them has wiped it from their computers. Most of downloaders just wanted to see what the heck is Metro and why Microsoft is shouting for what is quite difficult for Windows users. It will take time but with the final release of Windows 8, I am sure people will be used to Metro. But if you have not downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview, wait a minute and first read this little Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide. It will give you an overview of what is Windows 8 and how it looks like. It will also try to introduce you different new as well as improved features presented in Windows 8.

If you are new to Windows 8, you may need some other help about installation, virtual disk creation, etc. I have created a pictorial about Installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Oracle VM VirtualBox. If you do not know how you can create virtual disk in Oracle VM VirtualBox, read Create VirtualBox Virtual Disk For Windows Installation [Host & Guest OS].

Though Microsoft released this guide for developers but it is not a difficult guide full of technical terms. Any person, who has a little know how of Windows OS, can grasp the idea of Windows 8 after reading this guide. If you are Fandows, you are gonna like this guide because Windows 8 has been praised beyond the limits.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Guide also has a little section about touch screen devices. This will help you to understand how it will work on touch screen devices like swapping, pressing, tapping, sliding, pinching, rotating, etc. If you are thinking to buy Windows 8 tablets, it is gonna helpful section though very small.

There is also an introduction about different services from Microsoft like Windows App Store, Cloud Connection. You can download your apps on more than one Windows 8 PC so there’s no need to buy it twice. That’s because after you install an app from the Windows Store, you can sign in to the Store on up to five other PCs and see a list of all of the apps you own. You can pick and choose the apps you want to install on other PCs without having to search for and install them individually.

Better you read Windows 8 Consumer Preview Guide by yourself. Download it from here:


Direct download link:


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Did a custom install of Win 8 Consumer Preview over the Win8 Dev. version. Was surprised to see a Windows.old folder with the programs and files from my Dev. version install – probably my bad since my intent was to replace it. Anyways, hated the Developer version, but after a short time really started to… Read more »

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