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Get Free Phantom Drive Key Code For Windows [Time Limited Offer]


Tomorrow I will publish the winners list of Giveaway: InTouch Lock 3.6 Provides PC Protection Against Unauthorized Use. That was a limited time and limited number of licenses giveaway. The commenters who could not comment on time will not be considered in the giveaway. Because, they needed to comment during the giveaway period otherwise it will kill the rights of participants who commented on time. Next time, comment on time.

Phantom Drive installs a virtual disc recorder in your computer. For your working environment, this is like installing an actual hardware device, except that in this case the recorder is emulated i n software. This virtual recorder allows any application that can access an optical disc recorder to generate disc images exactly as if it were burning a disc in a real hardware disc recorder. This means that audio, video or any other kind of data can be recorded much faster than on an optical disc. Phantom Drive is the first program of its kind to provide a complete range of virtual blank disc types, from CD-R to Blu-ray RE.


  • Burn your data (audio, video, etc.) onto a virtual blank disc using any program;
  • Test the resulting virtual disc to make sure the results are what you intended;
  • Save time, because burning a virtual disc is generally much faster than burning an actual RW disc or other optical medium;
  • Save money, because failed virtual discs cost nothing — you can always create more virtual blank discs;
  • Install a compatible recorder in any computer;
  • Experiment and gain experience with new media (Blu-ray, HD DVD, etc.) for which you have no physical recorder or discs.
  • Read More HERE.

Operating System: All x86 and x64 Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008

And Phantom Drive offers still more capabilities, which you can read about in this manual. For optimum ease of use, this manual is divided into chapters that give newcomers a complete overview of the software, and allow experienced users to look up specific information.

Get Free Phantom Drive: I could have shared it at least one week ago but did not have enough time to write about it. This is CHIP promo. You will get the latest of Phantom Drive v- The installation can be done in one of two languages: English and German.

License Request: Open the following webpage into your browser and just fill the text fields has red sign. I have also arrowed those fields. Non-Arrowed fields are not necessary to fill. You only need to write your Last Name, Real Email and then press button Weiter.

On the next page, you will be shown the info which you have entered just for the confirmation. Press button Absenden.

On the next page, you will be told that email containing license will be arriving soon into your email.

Within few minutes, you will get an email from eSales@virtualcd.de. subjected Phantom Drive Lizenzschluessel.

Download Phantom Drive: From website of Phantom Drive, you can only download demo version. To download working one, you need to submit your license and email through a web form. It is a simple process and will not take more than a minute to get download links of Phantom Drive 32bit and 64bit. Open the following webpage and enter your license which you have received into your email, your email which you have used to request license and the CAPTCHA code for confirmation. Finally press button Download Anfordern.


On the next page, you will be confirmed about Phantom Drive download link.

Now you will receive email from hh@hh-software containing download links for Phantom Drive 32bit and 64bit. Download the one which you need and install it. During installation, you will be asked to enter the license. Just do it. You will have full working version of Phantom Drive.

I will advise you to download both versions (32bit and 64bit) of Phantom Drive and save the installer with license for future use.



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I usually work with disk image, this is a good software for me. Thanks Perti !


Thanks for the information. I ‘ll now install and try it out.

Mike M

Thanks Perti


Well, you need not give all that details. Just name and email. Thanks for the find. Hope it is not only DE installer.


Thanks for the detailed post. Nice giveaway.


Thanks! I had a problem with the last step because I received an error message that translated to “the license code is incorrect”, even after I made sure that my information was copied correctly. I finally discovered that the CAPTHA had a character that looked like the letter O, but all worked OK after I… Read more »

Mike M

I also had a problem when translating the license code but also figured it was my fault. Problem was solved and license key worked.


Thanks for this! I had just run out of the trial version and this came in handy at the right time. Found your website in search for this so I got a 2 for 1!

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