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Giveaway InTouch Lock 3.6 Provides PC Protection Against Unauthorized Use


Data can hardly remains safe on shared computers if using Windows. Any person can access any bit of data if not locked and encrypted by a good software. There is also no protection against unauthorized app launching. At least, to prevent unauthorized app launching, we wrote about an app to lock software to prevent unauthorized use. We needed more security beyond just locking the apps. I googled and found a better software named InTouch Lock which has much more features than just locking the installed applications.

InTouch Lock (current version 3.6) is a sophisticated and feature rich software which is the first line of defense against unauthorized use of your computer by guests. You can restrict others by implementing startup passwords but in case, if you have to allow others to use your computer and still you want them restricted, there is no better option than InTouch Lock. You can lock desktop, explorer, devices, browsers, files, folders, critical parts of Windows, Windows registry, and much more.

InTouch Lock has a very simple layout. The main interface can be divided into three parts: Left pane, Right pane and Upper pane. Left pane has set of features gathered under different tabs. Click on tab and then particular set of features will show details and options of that feature in Right pane. Upper pane has main menu and some action buttons like most of software has. Now let’s have a short view of InTouch Lock features.

Drive Lock: You can lock different parts of your computer. Lock the hard disk or partitions, lock the external drives, USB sticks, CD/DVD ROM, or any data storage which is connected to your computer. Nobody can open these devices on your computer. When they can not go inside your computer, they will simply leave you alone.

Device CD/DVD Lock: Lock CD/DVD that nobody can open it to insert or remove discs. It is locked like you have physical lock on it.

Interface Lock: Normally, the first interaction is always with desktop. Kids, who do not know much about computer always follow the desktop icons. Simply lock the desktop to let kids move on the desktop but they will not be able to disturb it. Also disabling Context menu will make mouse a useless tool for kids. They can move the cursor but can’t do any action.

Block Input Devices: Block input devices like mouse and keyboard. Doing so will stop others interfering your computer.

Lock Windows Sensitive Parts: Windows is the most unstable operating system which has ever been developed. A simple mistake can force you to reinstall it. The best protection is lock the sensitive parts like Registry, Task Manager, Network access, etc.

Internet Lock: It has different web filters to block and allow the contents based on user’s preferences. A host can be locked based on categories as well as IP address. It has full support for Internet Explorer.

Prevent Install / Uninstall Apps: This is a great feature like many other features. Now others can not install or uninstall any software without your permission. You must be strict in your rules ;-).

Task Automation: You can automate different types of tasks to be carried on particular time.

There are many more features which you can read on InTouch Lock website as well as help file.


Though InTouch Lock has great features but it needs some more features. It has no support for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. If you are using any of these browsers, the security options available for Internet Explorer are not available for these browsers. There is only one password can be set for all operations. This means, if anybody knows the password can have full access to the computer.

If you don’t like others accessing your computer, you must have InTouch Lock to control guests on your computer.

We are thankful to Mike from LovelySoft for this great giveaway of InTouch Lock. Without his cooperation, the giveaway was not possible. We have 19 license of InTouch Lock 3.6. You have the time till June 18, 2012 2400-GMT. You can participate in this giveaway by only submitting the comment. Please remember, spamming will be treated as ineligibility. One comment is enough for the participation. If you like, please, share it on your favorite social network to let others know what are you reading. Winners will be announced here on June 23, 2012 and they will receive their licenses within 10 days from the announcement.

Warning: The license is for personal/professional use only and can only be used on one computer. Any illegal use may result the cancellation of license. The winners will have free customer support from LovelySoft. All updates before v4 are included in your subscription. Any upgrade price can be ask from the vendor.

Winners List: 


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