Get Free Norton Antivirus 2012 Genuine Key For 6 Months


[CLICK HERE: Norton Antivirus 2014 Free For 6 MonthsThis is the exact time when almost all security software vendors will start beta testing of their forthcoming security software. Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta is already under tests and is being offered to people. It will take sometime like one month before final. Meanwhile, once again you have the chance to get Norton Antivirus 2012 Key Code Fro 6 Months.Previously, we have already shared some working promo for Norton Antivirus 2012, Norton Antivirus 2011 and others…

Big corporations are always fan of Norton and McAfee products though home users only like BitDefender, Kaspersky, avast, AVG, Avira and now ZoneAlarm. I have never like Norton and McAfee products though I have used for number of times specially every year when new version is releases and I am always disappointed with its security strength. The only thing these two security software are famous because of great marketing budgets. Free security software have better results than subscription based. But friends do like Norton and McAfee.

The following link is already on internet since a couple of weeks. I do not know who was the OP but whoever is, my regards for him/her. Open the following webpage into your browser and download 6 months trial but full working version of Norton Antivirus 2012. Register it with new email and do not use already registered email with Norton.

Promo Page:

Direct Download Link Norton Antivirus 2012:


  • Norton Protection System – provides four unique layers of powerful protection proven to stop online threats before they can infect your computer.
  • Insight – checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to stops new online threats before they can cause you trouble.
  • Download Insight 2.0 – protects you from dangerous applications by telling you if an application may harm the health and stability of your computer before you install it.
  • SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection – monitors your computer for suspicious behavior to more quickly and accurately detect and stop new threats.
  • Norton Management – is cloud based so you can download, install, transfer, update or renew Norton products from anywhere right over the Internet.
  • Network threat protection – detects threats as they travel over a network and eliminates them before they can reach your computer.
  • Browser protection – smart protection springs into action as your browser begins to load to stop online threats before they can do any harm.
  • Vulnerability protection – stops cybercriminals from using security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats onto your PC.
  • Bandwidth management – limits non-critical Norton updates when you connect to 3G networks so it won’t eat up your monthly data allotment or cause overage fees.
  • Norton Pulse Updates – updates your protection every 5 to15 minutes—without disrupting you—for up-to-the-minute protection against the latest threats.
  • FREE 24×7 support – offers you expert help and answers by phone, live chat or online whenever you need it.***
  • Norton Control Center – gives you easy access to program settings and Web-based Norton services from your choice of a standard detailed view or new simplified view.
  • Email and instant message monitoring – scans email and IMs for suspicious links, attachments and other tricks cybercriminals use to steal your identity and your money.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool – creates an emergency CD/DVD/USB that gets your PC back up and running, even if it’s so infected that it won’t start up.
  • Silent mode – puts alerts and non-critical updates on hold when you’re watching movies or playing games in full-screen on your PC.
  • Smart scheduler – runs scans and updates only when you’re not using your PC.
  • Monthly report – tells you what Norton AntiVirus has done in the previous month to keep you safe from threats.
  • Power saver settings – maximizes your laptop’s battery life by putting off non-critical activities until your computer is plugged in.
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