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Lock Software To Prevent Unauthorized Use On Shared Computer


Shared Computer Problem: Though computers are becoming cheap and cheap everyday, there are still families where a single computer serves the whole family. In this case, there remains no privacy and anybody can use any software installed. This problem can be solved by creating guest accounts and using Local Group Policy through Admin account on Windows. But this is not possible if Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional is being used. We got AppLocker (Application Locker) which is free, tiny and easy to use.

AppLocker (current version 1.3) is tiny and easy to use tool which is available free of cost. It is so easy that you do not need any manual to understand it configuration and features. Simply, open it, tick the check box against the software, which you want to lock, and save it. That’s all and the software is locked. Nobody can run that locked software unless it is unlocked through AppLocker.

AppLocker Locks Apps: I have already given you hint how to use AppLocker but now let’s see it in bit detail. First download AppLocker from its official website and install it.

When you will run AppLocker, you will see a few predefined software ready to lock. If the software, which you want to lock, is not in the list, click on button Configuration.

In the newly opened window, you can see to text boxes at the top. In box named Caption, enter the name of software (you can give any name to your software) and in Executable File Name (*.exe) write down the exact exe name of the file (name of the file ending with .exe extension). e.g. I wanted to block CCleaner. I wrote CCleaner in Caption box and CCleaner.exe in other box and press the button Add. Note: If you are using 64-bit Windows, you need to lock 64-bit version of the software if available, otherwise, you will lock simply 32-bit version. On 64-bit, CCleaner64.exe runs.

Now CCleaner is locked and it can not be launched without unlocking it through AppLocker. Even using Administrators rights can not launch it.

Unlock Apps: To unlock CCleaner, open the AppLocker, you will see that check box against CCleaner is already ticked (the first photo of this article). Just untick it and press the button Save. Now CCleaner is unlocked and ready to launch.

The problem is if you can use AppLocker, anybody else can also use it. You can delete the desktop icon but the problem is AppLocker is accessible from Start Menu and in Program Files (x86).


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