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AdBlock Shows Cats Photos Instead Of Ads [Updated]


[UPDATE] Read update at the end of article [/UPDATE]

Beautiful Animal: Cat is the most beautiful animal on earth. I wonder how it could be created with so perfection. Cat is the work of someone who has the best and the greatest aesthetic sense. There are hundreds of races and every race is beautiful. I own three cats. No, change last sentence, those cats own me. All three are beautiful. Tow of them are Norwegian forest cats with huge paws, furry body, long whiskers, big but deepset eyes, tiny nose, long nails (I keep their nails bit long so they can scratch posts easily instead of my sofa), Aladdin’s lamp shape ears and and and… I do not know the race of the third cat but he is also as cute as others two and more intelligent than them. I need to comb them every day at least once otherwise they will be tangled. All three has different qualities. Oh man! I can keep writing about my cats and will never get tiredness.This article is a mixed taste. I could not stop myself when saw cats instead of ads and wanted to write about it.

Get Cats, Not Ads: Today, I noticed that Adblock is showing cats photos instead of Ads [I have just learned that this Cat-Block is implemented today]. Normally, when ads are blocked by AdBlock, you do not notice because there is no indicator showing the ad is blocked. But with the replacement of ads with cats photos, you can easily know where the ad was and how many ads were which have been blocked. I think this is nice feature which makes AdBlock attractive. Cat lovers will always appreciate it. This is such an idea which have not been implemented before. Micheal (AdBlock owner), has really worked hard to perfect AdBlock and now harder work to make it Cat-block.

Catblock, is active by default. You will see different cat photos for each ad on a webpage. If you do not know this cat-block feature of Adblock, you will be surprised what cats are doing there on the website. This is what was my first impression why a cat photo is placed on tech blog. Moving your mouse cursor on any cat photo will fade the cat photo with a message Adblock now shows you cats instead of Ads. Just right under this text, you will see a button to disable this cat-show-photo. Pressing the button will disable this feature.

Enable / Disable CatBlock: If you have disabled Catblock and now want to enable this feature, simply go to settings of Adblock and there you will see first option in General settings Display a pretty picture instead of ads. Check the checkbox fo this option, and you will start seeing cats instead of ads. Here you can find Adblock Settings: Wrench (icon) -> Tools -> Extensions OR typing this address in address bat in Chrome will also take you extensions chrome://settings/extensions. You can also go to options through clicking on AdBlock icon just next to address bar. Here you will see AdBlock options.

Download AdBlock: In case, if you do not know about AdBlock, it is the best ad-blocker for Google Chrome. It blocks ads with 99.99 percent accuracy. It uses different filters to block ads like the most famous ad-block filter EasyList. There are other filter, too. Using more filters will reduce the chances of show up of ads. I use only two filter in Google Chrome: EasyList and AdBlock Custom Filters. Hopefully, you will not be using AdBlock on your favorite ComputeLogy.com. You can read more and download AdBlock from here:


[UPDATE] This Cat-Block feature is no more available but can be request for monthly subscription. [/UPDATE]


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Glad you like it 🙂
Famlam (one of the AdBlockforChrome programmers)

Imran K

Welcome Famlam on ComputeLogy. I like AdBlock but specially I liked this new feature. It was natural to me.


Have a nice April Fools Day

Imran K

Same to you 😉


it doesnt have the option to show cats 🙁

Imran K

It is there. You need to enable it in General options of AdBlock.


this is the most disturbing thing i’ve ever seen. all the cats started to make me itch. i’m just glad i was able to find out exactly what was happening because i thought i had been hacked. so disgusting.

Imran K

you can disable it from AdBlock General Options. 😉


The [most] disturbing thing you’ve ever seen? Disgusting?

Are you new to the internet or something?


I want it forever and ever 😀

Imran K

Me toooo….


I want something where you can replace them with your own pictures.

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