5 Top Money Management Apps for Android


There are a million posts that talk about the top money manage apps from the Apples iTunes store, but what if you have an Android enabled phone? Are there good options out there for folks who aren’t iPhone users? Fortunately, the answer is yes. There are a lot of really good money management apps for the Android OS.

Below are the top 5 Android apps that will help you keep on top of your finances.

1. is one of the most popular money management sites on the web, and they even have a free Android app to help you keep track of your spending on the go. uses bank-level security to protect your sensitive financial information and aggregates all of your data, from your interest checking account to your rewards credit card, into an easy to understand interface. Right now, over 7 million people are using to keep track of their finances.

2. Personal Budget Droid

Personal Budget Droid is an absolutely free budgeting software. Keep track of 0 interest credit card offers, budgets, income, and expenses with this simple and easy to use tool. Personal Budget Droid has the basics and is free. For a more detailed way to keep track of your budget, you may be interested in Budget Droid Pro, which offers many more options and is available for 99 cents.

3. EasyMoney

EasyMoney is a popular app that people use to take hold of their finances. It has been featured on many awards lists, and even talked about in the book Amazing Android Apps for Dummies. The home screen and graphing options of this app are easy to use and visually pleasing.

4. Hello Expense

Hello Expense is a user-friendly expense tracking app that does a great job at analyzing data. It is available to Android users for free. The app has an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play. Users rave about the quick interface of this app.

5. Funky Expenses

Funky expenses is a fun and free financial tracking app. The app can track money in multiple accounts and even multiple currencies. Those who have downloaded this app say it is the most fun to use out of all the budgeting apps they’ve tried.A Great Way to Keep Track of Expenses

All of these apps present Android users with a great way to keep track of all of their expenses. It’s very helpful to be able to see color-coded charts and graphs of where your money is going. You will never look at your finances the same way once you download one of these apps.

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