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Take Full Browsers Backup With FavBackup


Normally, what we backed up from our browser is bookmarks. Me too was used to take backups of only bookmarks. Few days back, I was googling about browser backup and I found a wonderful little stand alone application called FavBackup. It is a wonderful tool which works beyond taking backups of bookmarks and can take backups of many other important data like cookies, History, Extensions, Preferences and much more.

FavBackup is little and very handy tool. It can backup almost all famous web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Flock. This means, you are using any of the above mentioned browser, you can take full backup of your browser bookmarks, cookies, history, extensions, preferences, saved passwords, themes and more. And when you needed, you can restore that backup with the help of FavBackup.

Let’s suppose, you are planning to reinstall Windows. You are using Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Now it is very time consuming task to take backup of your browsers one by one. Then you will try to find the ways to take backups of extensions, history, cookies, etc, etc. Here you need FavBackup. Take backup and restore after reinstallation of Windows. An easy job.

Let’s take backup of Firefox 6 which is installed on my computer. I run FavBackup and click on Firefox icon. I see a window like photo 1 appears. I select the backup location. I have only one profile, so FavBackup has selected it by default. In fact, you can not select more than one profiles when taking backup by FavBackup. Now finally, press button Next.

After pressing Next, it will take backup within few seconds. Save your backup at safe place because you may need it later.

Now you want to take backup of other browser, do not need to close FavBackup and reopen it. Just click on other browser icon, let say Chrome, and take backup as taken for Firefox.

Restoration of backup through FavBackup is simply like taking backup. Select Restore from main menu, click on your browser and select the backed up file to restore. You did it.

There was one thing I could not understand. FavBackup has two menu items: Backup and Full Backup. The files created by both backup options are of different sizes. Backup taken through Backup command is clear that what is being taken as backup. But what is taken as backup using Full Backup command is not clear. I could not find it on FavBackup website, too.

You can read more and download it from the following web address.



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Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing.

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