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Get Free Avira Premium Security Suite 10 For 6 Months


It is over 6 hours since kimlanvn messaged me about this new promo of Avira Premium Security Suite 10 valid for 6 months. I mean, the license code is valid for six months from the day of issue. Thank you kimlanvan for the info. Avira has one among the best AntiVirus and AntiSpyware detection rate and always stands top among security software vendors. And this is always very lite on system resources. I do not trust its firewall but ShieldsUp! shows that it is trustable.

Almost five months ago, I shared a promo about Avira Premium Security Suite 10 where you could also get six months license key code. Now once again six months license means, you got one year complete protection for your PC at no cost.

  • Avira Scanner detects known viruses, worms and Trojans
  • AntiAd/Spyware protects you against spyware and adware
  • AntiSpam filters out unwanted and phishing emails
  • AntiPhishing protects you against identity theft attacks
  • AntiRootkit keeps you safe from hidden malware
  • AntiBot stops hackers taking over your computer
  • Avira Guard prevents infection from viruses, worms and Trojans
  • Avira ProActiv spots unknown viruses by how they act
  • AHeADTechnology halts unknown code that looks suspicious
  • WebGuard keeps you away from malicious websites
  • AntiDrive-by stops sneaky malware downloads while you surf
  • MailGuard scans all your incoming and outgoing emails
  • FireWall slams a door in the face of hackers
  • QuickRemoval eliminates viruses with one click
  • GenericRepair fixes your PC fast, solves problems automatically
  • RescueSystem helps restart your PC in an emergency
  • ExpressInstallation no awkward options, just fast protection
  • NetbookSupport works fast on low resolution, low memory laptops
  • BackupSystem safeguards your important data & precious photos
  • AviraSupport to answer your questions
  • GameMode play without interruptions, watch movies or tv in peace
  • ParentalControl set safe limits on what they see, or how long they surf

It is nice to have Avira Premium Security Suite 10 for six months because my old license was going to expire in 24 days.

Open the following web address into your browser and fill a short form in English and submit it.


Check your eMail. You should have an eMail from Avira within 5 seconds. Your license is attached to your eMail. Simply download license from your eMail and download official installer of Avira and use the license to register your Avira Premium Security Suite 10 after installation.


You can also download installer and license from your account on Avira.


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