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IOLO System Mechanic 10.5 LiteFree For Basic PC Maintenance


Last month, we shared a six months valid genuine license promo of IOLO System Mechanic 10 which is still valid. You can read more about it here. IOLO understood the value of free software and they are offering a stripped down version of their flagship product IOLO System Mechanic 10. Most of the features available in regular System Mechanic Suite are not available in this stripped down IOLO System Mechanic 10 Free but a few basic features are available. These available features also contains a few valuable features which are no included every free PC maintenance software.

First of all, you should know that automated task performance is disabled in this free System Mechanic. You have to do all tasks manually by selecting each component or doing All-in-one through main interface. All the features which which have a button named ADVANCED with green mark should be considered as shareware feature means not available in freeware.

In System Mechanic 10, the important available feature is Memory Mechanic. The basic function of Memory Mechanic is to defragment RAM to improve the speed and to freeup the space occupied by leftovers. Then you have Startup Optimizer to boost faster. Drive Accelerator defragments the installed hard disks which helps in increasing the hard disk read, write and execute operations.

System Mechanic 10 Free can take backups of Windows Registry. In case if registry is corrupted (like government officials – just kidding), backups can be used to restore registry and not just backups but also delete invalid entries from registry. SM10F can also helps you to clean PC by removing junks, temporary files and other useless data (use your own definition for useless data). One feature, you will find this in all PC maintenance software, is privacy cleaner. Privacy cleaners basically deletes data from browsers, so System Mechanic 10 Free does the same. You can also delete your files securely. Deleted files are irrecoverable if file deletion feature is used with high security.

One misleading feature is Advance Uninstaller. It is simple Windows native uninstallation feature. There is no registry entry cleaner for uninstalled software in System Mechanic 10 Free as Revo Uninstaller has this feature. IOLO should think about this feature to enhance.

After, using System Mechanic 10 Free, I do not have any reason to replace CCleaner with System Mechanic. All the feature less or more are available in CClaner. The only one feature is Memory optimization which may be a reason to use SM10 Free but this is not a strong reason to use SM10 Free. I still give CCleaner The Best Free PC Maintenance Suite. If you want to use System Mechanic 10 Free, used with caution. It is found very aggressive when cleaning Windows Registry.

There is no separate webpage for System Mechanic 10 Free. You will find download link at System Mecanic 10 here. On that webpage, the text to click to start your download is Download Free Version.



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All features of SM 10.5 Free:
1. Registry Tuner
2. Internet Connection Repair
3. Shortcut Repair
4. Memory Mechanic
5. Startup Optimizer Basic
6. Drive Accelerator Basic
7. PC Cleanup
“I do not have any reason to replace CCleaner with System Mechanic.” I’m too. 😀


This is just advertising app nothing more with nag screen promt to buy a full version,all other features is locked if you not pay for license.Better way is remove this app or get a six monts full license from Poland promo. 😉

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